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It’s easy to “shoot and ship.”  You know what we mean, right? Crank out as many window and door lineals as possible, ship to you, the manufacturer, who does all the heavy lifting for a marketable window, and walk away. Easy-peasy!

Well, as a vinyl window extrusion company that’s NOT how we do things. At REHAU we take great pride in the value chain commitment, which means uncompromising support throughout the window and door lifecycle – before, during and after fabrication. That starts with making FABRICATION easy and painless; it includes unwavering focus on delighting your customers through DIFFERENTIATION, and rests on the most comprehensive SUPPORT package in the industry.


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From government and healthcare to hospitality, commercial, multi- and single-family residences,  check out some of our reference projects

Fabrication ease

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Our window and door systems are designed to ease fabrication, saving you time and money

Every REHAU window and door design starts with one thought firmly in mind: Make them as easy to manufacture as possible … period. Long before a REHAU system is shipped, we innovate, test and incorporate design enhancements that save precious time for our customers, from fabrication to installation to customer service. Good start, but the kicker is to accomplish this goal and still lead the industry on energy efficiency, durability, aesthetics and resident satisfaction. Ask any of our REHAU manufacturers – many that have been with us for decades – and they’ll tell you we do just that, year in and year out. For the rest of you who want it on paper, here goes:

Labor saving breakthroughs like triple-seal technology

REHAU profiles with our superior triple-seal technology – three continuous seals co-extruded during profile extrusion – insure optimal performance and often eliminate the need for additional manual labor during fabrication. For systems that do require manual seal insertion, we create precision grooves and detailing to make it as easy and fast as possible to add during fabrication. REHAU’s proprietary designs for brackets, gaskets and fasteners in addition to direct screw connections are further examples of precision engineering features we incorporate to save fabrication time, all the while reducing the potential for air and water leaks. 

Flexible frame options accommodate a range of installation requirements

Every project is different. So is every wall. That’s why we offer a variety of different frame options to accommodate any installation need – whether it is commercial, residential, new construction or replacement. Every frame includes an integral channel for installation straps. Also available are a wide selection of brickmolds, jamb extensions, nailing fins, coupling profiles, stucco keys and drywall returns.

Fewer SKUs with system-to-system synergy

Common design elements are engineered across all REHAU window and door systems, reducing the number of required SKUs a fabricator must inventory. With our ÄSPEKT, for example, accommodations for direct-set glazing means there is no need to stock separate picture-window and vent frames.

So, have we whetted your appetite for REHAU window and door systems that are easy to make and always make you look good?

Consistency key to “five-star” vinyl window and door systems from REHAU

The world’s five-star restaurants all share one defining characteristic. Whether you are a first-time diner or a regular, every dish, every time is made with the finest ingredients, loving attention to detail and unstinting dedication to excellence. Our “five-star” recipe for your success is the same: superior materials, an obsession with precision engineering design, state-of-the-art extrusion and comprehensive testing are all part of our unique customer service that NEVER wavers: order-to-order, system-to-system, manufacturer-to-manufacturer.

Your customer

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Stand out, earn market share with windows and doors that will always thrill your customers

We never forget that at the end of the day it’s your reputation on the line. Your customers expect you to deliver quality products as promised with every order, every time, so you demand nothing less from your profile supplier.

But as our manufacturers throughout North America will attest, we expect that and a lot more of ourselves at REHAU. Our goal is to help you succeed. And that means thrilling your customers with windows and doors that cut outside noise, block drafts and moisture, operate with ease, require little maintenance and last 30 years or more. Throw in green-building energy efficiency and you become a destination of choice for the discerning architect, builder and homeowner. 

Added security

Windows and doors are a first line of defense in keeping intruders out while at the same time protecting children from falls when open for ventilation. When combined with appropriate hardware, REHAU windows and doors enhance security with multiple locking points, steel reinforcements and forced-entry-resistant frames. 

Up to 25% less noise

Thanks to sophisticated multi-chambered design, our highly engineered compression-seal technology and glazing capabilities of up to 2”, homeowners enjoy greater sound insulation with STC ratings of up to 45 decibels. Every 10-decibel reduction feels half as loud to the human ear, so our windows improve noise reduction by up to 25 percent

Up to 60% less air infiltration and 0% moisture barrier

REHAU’s exacting standards for designmaterials and extrusion create windows and doors that achieve air infiltration ratings as low as 0.02 cfm/sqft. And because REHAU uPVC frames and sashes are fusion-welded at the corners and have co-extruded gaskets and seals, they are designed for zero water leakage. This means no uncomfortable drafts, no moisture-causing structural damage and no unhealthy mold.

Fewer service calls, glowing reviews, qualified referrals – Mission accomplished!

There’s nothing better for sales than a satisfied customer, especially when it comes with a glowing review or referral. From smart, innovative design to fabrication support to drop-everything service, we know it all starts with a thrilled end user and works up from there to you. Trust REHAU to be there all the way so you are the window and door provider of choice in your market. Contact us!.

A growing segment of investors are building energy-saving homes

A growing segment of investors, architects and contractors are building homes that save energy, reduce carbon footprints, qualify for federal tax credits and reduce energy bills. In California, for example, the state public utilities set a Net Zero goal for all new residential construction by 2020, commercial construction by 2030. Demand has exploded for our top-of-the line fenestrations with superior thermal performance with u-values as low as .13! Commercial grade window/door systems from REHAU, with steel reinforced, multi-chambered design and exceptional thermal performance, are turning heads as well.

Our service

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Great products start strong partnerships – end-to-end customer service makes them last

From technical assistance with fabrication set up and training … to continuous sales and marketing support … to everything related to product design, engineering and testing … to extensive on-site project assistance, our PROMISE to you is to help you succeed in both the residential and commercial fenestration markets. Because great products only START a strong partnership. As our family of North American manufacturers will tell you, many who have been with REHAU for 15 years or more, it takes real customer service to make them LAST! 

Setup and training for fabrication

Getting your fabrication off to a great start and keeping it on track can seem intimidating, but not with our REHAU technical support by your side every step of the way. We help you with plant layout design and specifications, fabrication tooling, equipment and fixturing, and tool and die manufacturing. We’re there with fabrication training, cutting logic concerns, window and door configurations, bill of materials questions and material estimating guides. Then we add in a dedicated staff of trainers and technicians with long-standing experience in the fenestration industry, complete with your own support hotline!

Engineering and testing expertise for customized solutions

Cookie-cutter solutions don’t always fly in this business, which is exactly why REHAU supports all our manufacturers with a staff of veteran engineers and designers. Maybe you need to customize an existing REHAU window system for a major home builder, add a new trim accessory for a contractor, or offer a completely new window design to a demanding architect. Whatever the challenge, just know that the REHAU engineering and testing team can make it all happen with decades of experience in CAD design, energy modeling, prototyping, testing and much more.

Account management that feels like family

Have a technical question? Prepping for a big sales pitch and wondering how to approach an architect? Trying to help a GC stay on schedule at a big jobsite? Well, no need to claw your way through multiple company directories or waste what seems like hours navigating endless phone menus to find help. Our seasoned sales managers are your single point of contact and will direct you to the right person no matter what you need. They’ll organize training for you and your sales team on our products, and they will join you on that big sales pitch and help you close the deal.

Tap a growing market with the Certified Commercial Manufacturers Program

As a growing number of investors, developers and contractors have recognized the advantages of REHAU quality vinyl for commercial applications, we’ve created a dedicated commercial project support group. Join our Certified Commercial Manufacturer Program page for assistance with submittal projects, shop drawings, fabrication guides and spec sheets, and project site walkthroughs, just to list a few of our commercial support services.

Marketing services drives business to you

Oh, and we haven’t forgotten those of you who might need a little extra help on the marketing side of the sales equation. Our in-house marketing team will provide you with quality marketing materials to effectively educate and drive business. This includes sales and technical literature, case study and reference project development, trade-show support, along with promotion and advertising. And all communication tools are customized to meet your needs, positioning your brand front and center.


Engineering progress

Enhancing lives

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