How it works

REHAU HOMEGAS at a glance

REHAU HOMEGAS is an easy to install biogas solution developed for farms with two or more cows. Feed cow dung and water into the system daily and you will receive your own high quality biogas and organic fertilizer for free.

After inserting cow dung and water into the REHAU HOMEGAS system, methane-producing bacteria inside the fermenter convert the manure into biogas and bioslurry. The biogas is stored in a separate gas bag until you use it. At your choice, the gas will flow directly to your stove. To start to cook, just turn your stove on. The left over bioslurry can be used as organic fertilizer and is of especially high quality. Apply it to your fields and profit from better harvest, healthier cows and an increase in milk production.



How to use REHAU HOMEGAS every day

How to cook with REHAU HOMEGAS

How to use REHAU HOMEGAS Bioslurry

What does the REHAU HOMEGAS system include?*

  • 1 x REHAU HOMEGAS fermenter
  • 1 x REHAU HOMEGAS gas bag
  • 1 x Stove optimization for biogas use
  • All needed pipes and valves
  • Installation and training
  • 1 year guarantee
  • Hotline and after sales service

*Price and conditions apply to the Authorized REHAU Partners.