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Our customers demand - and we think they deserve - optimal solutions to the rapidly evolving challenges they face. As digital technologies continue to transform so many aspects of our lives, the need for new environments in which we can work and play effectively has grown. Constant reinvention is an important model for long-term success.

The REHAU Group.

Inventing the future today.

At the REHAU Group, we live for innovation. In order to deliver on our promise of Engineering Progress. Enhancing Lives, we aim to invent today what our customers will need tomorrow.

We employ highly-skilled professionals with a broad set of experience that help us translate shifting customer needs into exciting new products. We anticipate new trends across many markets and react to sudden changes in an agile way. To take in account different angles, we also collaborate with an inspiring network of partners and across different international markets. 

Our New Ventures team always start with the customer perspective. This allows us to create new opportunities for innovative and value adding services and solutions. With our experts in hardware and software as well as business model innovation we are able to design solutions from prototype to industrialization. With our start-up mentality we are able bring new technologies and business models to the market quickly while our strong corporate backing makes us a reliable partner. This is how we seek to enhance lives on a daily basis. Welcome to the REHAU Group Innovations. 

Digitization and Lifestyle

Breakthrough materials and technologies

Manufacturing and Recycling

Engineering progress

Enhancing lives

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