Protecting health with innovation

Protecting health with innovation

Keeping people safe and protected from potentially harmful infections and disease is essential to maintaining healthy workplaces, transportation, and homes. Research and development teams at REHAU treat the protection of health as a top priority and are focused on finding ways to allow people to co-exist safely in areas of high population density or traffic.

In busy spaces, people can touch surfaces that have been used by others several times an hour. And when we come into contact with an infected surface, we can absorb as much as 50% of any viral or bacterial organisms present. Thanks to epidemiological advances, we now understand how some conventional surfaces can contribute to the spread of disease and infections. To combat this, our specialist engineers have developed innovative protective layers that incorporate silver ions which make it impossible for bacteria to attach themselves to the surface. Where used, REHAU health-protect surfaces and edgebands effectively destroy more than 99% of bacteria within 24 hours, offering reassurance and, most importantly, safety to guests, staff, and visitors.

Another common source of health issues in homes and workplaces comes from airborne mould spores that can lead to serious illness and allergic reactions, especially in children. GENEO INOVENT windows offer an innovative solution to this age-old problem. Internal mould is unable to develop thanks to a clever system that automatically transports moisture to the outside while simultaneously drawing in fresh, temperature controlled, filtered air. This breakthrough answer to stuffy or humid conditions was recently awarded the "Plus X" prize by a jury of experts. Today it's helping keep people safe day and night in buildings around the world by ensuring optimum air exchange, even with the windows securely locked.

Regularly drinking clean, safe water is also essential for good human health. The very best quality drinking water contains no chlorine or metallic substances but retains all the essential minerals needed for human vitality. REHAU's RE.SOURCE system features an ultra high-performance filter unit that transforms conventional mains water into delicious, safe drinking water in home and business premises.

Finding new ways to support and improve human health around the world is a key priority for inventors at REHAU. Watch this space for more clever innovations.

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