REHAU Innovations

Our customers demand— and we think deserve—optimal solutions for the fast-evolving challenges they face. As digital technologies continue to transform so many aspects of our lives, the need for new environments in which we can work and play effectively have grown. Our REHAU businesses believe that nothing stands still for long; constant reinvention is an important model for long-term success.

Inventing the future today

At REHAU, we love innovation. To deliver on our promise of Engineering Progress. Enhancing Lives, we are constantly innovating today to create what our customers may need tomorrow by researching and developing new manufacturing processes and advanced materials.

In a digital world, where nothing stands still for long, constant reinvention has become the basis for our long-term success. Whether it’s designing smart environments for work and play or manufacturing new materials that make travel safer and more comfortable, we dedicate 20% of our resources for the research of new solutions and 10% focused on innovative ideas that can disrupt existing technologies and solutions. 

Learn more about our innovation mindset and discover how many of our newest products and solutions are improving life on Planet Earth and beyond. Welcome to REHAU Innovations.

Digitization and Lifestyle

Breakthrough materials and technologies

Manufacturing and Recycling

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“REHAU is all about innovations. We are accelerating the speed of research and development across the company to stay ahead of the curve so we can surprise and delight our customers. For us, big bet investments in new products, processes and collaboration models are the key to ensuring our long-term prosperity and success."

Christian Fabian

REHAU Head of Technology & Performance

Engineering progress

Enhancing lives