Process Technologies Expert Group

Dr. Ralf Sander

Developing new manufacturing and engineering processes is a complex and highly specialised discipline. At REHAU, this responsibility lies with the expert team in Corporate Research and Development Process Technologies under the leadership of Dr Ralf Sander.

The day-to-day work of the team includes the research and development of new technologies, designing extrusion tools, and managing an advanced technical department where we put new processes and ideas to the test.
“In recent years, there’s been an intense focus on developing energy efficient technologies and processes,” explains Dr Sander. “Only once a process has been fully optimised and validated can it be safely rolled out for deployment into manufacturing facilities around the world.”

In partnership with the process engineering departments of each of our business divisions, Corporate Research and Development Process Technologies ensures that the entire development chain functions smoothly and seamlessly across the company. From the very early stages of initial research to its highly optimised operational implementation, Dr Sander’s team creates the ideas and solutions to keep REHAU at the cutting edge of technological advancements.


Dr. Ralf Sander

  • Head of Corporate Department R+D Process Technologies
  • Joined REHAU in 2003
  • Studied in UK where he secured a PhD in polymer processing

Engineering progress

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