Materials Expert Group

Dr. Thomas Rhönisch

Much of REHAU’s world-renown expertise in polymers, paints, additives, and pigments has been developed over generations. But as technology accelerates, so does our ability to more rapidly improve our use of materials to create better, more energy-efficient and sustainable products.

The Corporate Research and Development Material department is home to a team of dedicated materials professionals under the expert leadership of Dr. Thomas Rhönisch. Together with a super-smart network of specialists working at elite universities and academic institutes, REHAU conducts a wide range of tests on materials and components in its central laboratories.

“Our global network is dedicated to close cooperation with decentralized CHEM departments in Asia, North America, and wherever our plants are located,” explains Dr. Rhönisch. “By pooling our know-how and sharing our deep fascination with improving polymers and related materials, we can make breakthrough developments faster than if we tried to do it alone.”

Much of the Corporate Research and Development Material team’s current focus is on creating sustainable and environmentally sound materials, such as renewable raw materials and inventive new approaches to recycling. Innovations including fibre-reinforced materials and ultra-lightweight components stem from the pioneering work of materials specialists. It’s clear there’s a lot of surprising innovation in the pipeline and many more remarkable product enhancements to come.


Dr. Thomas Rhönisch

  • Head of R + D Material REHAU Group
  • Graduate Chemist
  • With REHAU since 1991

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