A message to the future generation.

The pace of global change is increasing every single day. At the same time, the public has become extremely sensitive to issues of sustainability. REHAU has been reporting on its sustainability-related activities in a transparent way for more then ten years now. It’s our view that we are increasingly facing urgent global challenges, such as energy crisis, volatile supply chains and dwindlingresources.

We believe that the REHAU Group, with its tradition as a responsible family business and its innovative products and future-oriented investments, has already essentially fulfilled the requirements for doing business sustainably for many years. Examples of how we have achieved this include our window profiles made from old windows or investment in our own wind turbines and disposal company.

Using raw materials sparingly and efficiently has also always been in the DNA of the REHAU Group. Both help limit consumption of energy and resources significantly. We have also used recycled materials for decades now. The proportion of recycled materials in our products is is increasing continuously and around 20% in Europe.

For us, polymers has always been a valuable material. REHAU has returned plastic waste to its production processes since the 1950s. In the 1980s, we produced the first products made from consumers’ plastic waste and invented first return systems in the 90s. In early 2010, we started to use bottle caps for civil products and Europe. And we are continuing to challenge us with the future requirements of the circular economy and invest significantly in this area.

By 2025, we want to be climate neutral in electricity consumption (Scope 2) and implement first flagship projects for Scope 1 within the Group. The circular economy plays an important role for all subgroups and is already a basic strategy for the subgroup Indutries. Our long-term aim is for production to be carbon-neutral in all plants, as is currently the case in our Feuchtwangen plant.

Economically speaking, we aim to ensure sustainable growth by continuing to diversify our products and services in various market sectors. Sustainability will continue to be our guiding principle in this regard – in all processes and for all our people.

Different languages and cultures have shaped our company from the very beginning. Diversity is extremely important to us. Encouraging more women to take up managerial positions is particularly important to us. By introducing binding quotas, we hope to drive diversity in this area significantly.

Renewable energy for production to protect the climate, more circular products to save ressources and promotion of inclusion and diversity to reduce inequalities, – these are key issues for us on the path towards greater sustainability. We won’t cut any corners – even in those areas where it demands particular effort of us. For the REHAU Group, this is the only way to ensure lasting success – with the knowledge that we are helping to ensure quality of life on the planet for today’s generations and those to come.

The countless conversations we have had with people who are helping us along the way have convinced us that this is the right path. 


Dr. Veit Wagner, President of the REHAU Group Supervisory Board


Jobst Wagner, Vice President of the REHAU Group Supervisory Board

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