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Unrivalled efficiency: Always new solutions for new business models.

REHAU Window Solutions at Fensterbau Frontale 2024.


  • Products and services from a single source ensure maximum efficiency along the entire value chain.
  • Future Window Vision with RAU-INFINIO: Innovative material combined with the highest level of technological expertise.
  • System Accessories: More than 7000 options increase profit and competitiveness.  
  • Digital opportunities: Direct customer contact, close to the consumer, leaner planning and execution and preferential treatment for new orders.
  • Marketing: Marketing, advertising and training ensure visibility and presence as well as the decisive knowledge advantage on the market.

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As a premium system provider, REHAU Window Solutions opens up valuable growth potential that makes the business of window professionals more efficient and more successful. Fensterbau Frontale 2024 now offers the platform for a large number of innovations. They show how the consistent transformation into a system house from the one-stop shop approach generates concrete added value and new business models.  

Erlangen, 19 March 2024 - Products and services from a single source ensure maximum efficiency along the entire value chain. Volatile markets are specific risk factors for the industry. Customised and innovative solutions from a single source help to decouple success and profit from short and medium-term economic fluctuations. This is because they harbour opportunities for differentiation and added value on the one hand and efficiency from the marketing process to production and assembly on the other. REHAU Window Solutions is a strong all-in-one partner for future-oriented window professionals, as the presentation at Fensterbau Frontale 2024 shows.

Future Window Vision featuring RAU-INFINIO: Innovative design for PVC profiles with top values.

The further development of Future Window Vision offers pioneering potential in this context. The study shows the first functional prototype of the patented continuous glass fibre RAU-INFINIO from the REHAU Window Solutions innovation laboratory on the window element. Thanks to its outstanding properties, the glass fibre material in a thermoplastic matrix opens up completely new market segments for the industry, extending the range of PVC windows and doors upwards. The material RAU-INFINIO enables top values in all dimensions without steel reinforcements. All parameters are optimised: very good thermal insulation with maximum dimensions and efficient processability in window production and installation. This means that RAU-INFINIO sets new standards.

  • Continuous glass fibres in a thermoplastic matrix in the first functional prototype of the patented material on the window element.
  • Window design opens up new market segments and expands the spectrum upwards.

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System Accessories: More than 7,000 options increase profit and competitiveness.

Efficiency made simple: that's what System Accessories from REHAU Window Solutions stand for. Because more than 7,000 options mean lucrative and individualised solutions from a single source. Five pillars translate the one-stop-shop approach into practical business models:

  • Fittings: Coordinated components result in the best possible best possible mix of efficiency, convenience, security and design. This creates optimised window and door solutions.
  • Installation: The perfect combination of window and building results in lucrative added value. It is the result of harmonised solutions of the highest quality and thus ensures the necessary efficiency and security during installation - also through digital tools such as the scheduling of installation teams.
  • Accessories: Certified quality in combination with coordinated accessories for each profile system: the result is a complete system for safety in the production and installation of building elements.
  • Sun protection: Sun protection and privacy protection harmonise in packages perfectly matched to the respective window system and offer end customers, building owners, window manufacturers and installers as well as architects results with the highest standards and maximum cost-effectiveness.
  • Ordering platforms: One-stop shop without compromise. Portals from REHAU Window Solutions enable fast and convenient purchasing and ensure transparency and clarity. 

Exploiting the opportunities of digitalisation: Directly at the customer, close to the consumer, efficient in planning and execution and favoured for new orders.

Support in planning and production as well as sales and installation: digital integrated solutions from REHAU Window Solutions support window professionals at every stage of the value chain. Architects, manufacturers, dealers and fitters benefit from three digital solutions that are modular, integrated and customised:

REHAU Connect. Simply sell windows.

  • New prospective customers through online marketing: Easy access to an online-savvy customer group.
  • Professional sales talks: Simply use sales-promoting tools for interactive customer advice.
  • Digitalisation: Simply take the next steps in digital window sales.

REHAU installation planning. Simply plan and install windows.

  • Efficiency in the planning process: Simply create transparency and overview in the planning process.
  • Professional communication: Simply use the best digital tools to optimise customer communication and scheduling.
  • Digitalisation of scheduling: Simply continue to optimise digital planning processes.

REHAU Window.ID. Find all relevant data for a window quickly and easily. 

  • Digital product passport: Easily identify each individual window anytime and anywhere.
  • Dealer management: Easily retain customers by providing digital services for dealers.
  • Sustainability: Simply use a transparent window history with all changes over the entire life of the window for urban mining.

Marketing: Marketing, advertising and further training ensure visibility and presence and a decisive knowledge advantage on the market.

Target group orientation and visibility are key factors for success in marketing, advertising and training. As an All in One Partner, REHAU Window Solutions knows the requirements for presence in the industry. We support you on your way to lucrative orders. Together we optimise your budget and generate maximum effects. Your advantage: You benefit from our proven modules and can focus on your core business.

  • Academy: Industry-specific expertise, interactive workshops and first-class experts: the REHAU Window Solutions Academy offers window professionals individual added value and decisive advantages in a dynamic market environment.
  • Webshop: Advertising materials that are simply convincing. The range extends from professional business equipment, customisable product brochures and posters through to the website.
  • Customer portal: Save valuable time when ordering quickly and easily. For example, through transparent processes such as direct access to order tracking, technical information, tender texts or customer data. A personal contact person is always just a click away.
  • Energy saving calculator and subsidy programmes: Showing potential and creating security are good prerequisites for additional business. Because online tools and overviews provide consumers with useful preliminary information and thus ensure that their needs and requirements are met. Doing business! Quite simply.

REHAU Window Solutions 2024. All in One Partner. 
Create Difference. Grow Business.

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