Change of leadership at REHAU

Dr. Uwe H. Böhlke becomes the new CEO REHAU Industries; Prof. Dr. Raimund Klinkner and Dr. Stefan Girschik take up new roles in the REHAU Automotive Supervisory Board; current REHAU Industries CEO William Christensen is to leave the REHAU Group at the end of the year


The Supervisory Board (SB) of the REHAU Group has appointed Dr. Uwe H. Böhlke as CEO of the newly formed REHAU Industries, which forms the umbrella for the divisions Building Solutions, Furniture Solutions, Industrial Solutions and Window Solutions as well as the cross-divisional services units. He will continue to perform his previous function as COO in addition to this.

Due to differing views on the structuring of the Group organization, William Christensen has decided to leave REHAU on December 31, 2021, in order to pursue a new career path. Dr. Veit Wagner, President SB REHAU Group says: "We regret this decision. Under his leadership as CEO, the turnaround of the Industries Divisions has been successfully achieved and the Divisions now show a very sustainable level of profitability. On behalf of the entire SB Group, I would like to truly thank William for this and wish him all the best for the future."

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Uwe H. Böhlke will take over William Christensen's responsibilities as CEO. "With his extensive industry expertise as COO, Dr. Böhlke clearly steered our production network forward. We are glad that he will now lead REHAU Industries as CEO and further develop it together with his board colleagues," says Dr Wagner.  

Due to William Christensen's departure, there will also be a change at the top of the REHAU Automotive SB from January 1, 2022. The new president will be Prof. Dr. Raimund Klinkner, who is also an existing member of the SB Group. In addition, Dr Stefan Girschik, CEO of the polymer distributor Meraxis, which belongs to the REHAU Group, will be appointed to the Automotive SB. Both have many years of experience in the automotive industry. 

Dr. Uwe H. Böhlke, new CEO of REHAU Industries

Dr. Uwe H. Böhlke, new CEO of REHAU Industries

Prof. Dr. Raimund Klinkner

Prof. Dr. Raimund Klinkner, new president of REHAU Automotive Supervisory Board

Dr. Stefan Girschik

Dr. Stefan Girschik, new member of REHAU Automotive Supervisory Board

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