The world’s population is more connected than ever, creating opportunities to enhance lives in remarkable ways.

Thanks to the technological marvel of the internet, people and experiences are now connected on a global scale 24/7. Where country boundaries may once have constrained our ambition, we can now apply our talents to solving planet-wide problems. In a connected world, productivity can happen everywhere, and work is no longer a place you go; it’s what you do. Some call it the fourth industrial revolution. At REHAU Group we simply call it progress.

We’re using smart technologies to make everyday living easier and more efficient. Read on to discover how our dedicated development teams partner with technology innovators to make truly connected living a reality.

Smart products

With rising prices and awareness of climate change, many property owners are looking for ways to reduce energy consumption and save money. REHAU Group engineers took this challenge to heart and have developed smart controls that optimize heating and cooling systems. The NEA SMART controller offers wireless connectivity for easily installation and instant results in residential and light commercial buildings. Using a dedicated mobile app, heating can be configured and adjusted from any location with an internet connection. The result? Up to a 20% saving on energy bills.

Smart manufacturing

New technology fields including 3D Printing, Composite Materials, and Electronic into Polymers are enabling some remarkable new manufacturing techniques. In polymer processing we are building on our leadership position by enhancing existing areas like injection and blow moulding with the very best of the new technologies.

REHAU Group employs dedicated technology platform teams to accelerate the development and exchange of innovation ideas between divisions and regions. Together with our world-class network of suppliers and partners, we are unlocking exciting new chapters for fully digitalized manufacturing and smarter support services.

Technologically smarter

Emerging technologies create fresh opportunities for connected living. The REHAU Group has tasked specialist Technology Platform teams with accelerating the company into the future. Three groups—Robotics & 3D Printing, Electronic into Polymers, and Composite Materials—are busy exploring how we can widen the scope of REHAU Group’s operations.

Our expert DIGITALIZATION unit coordinates technology projects across the company, while our Accelerator UnlimitedX unit is quietly identifying new solution areas outside of our existing portfolio.

Acting smarter

Great ideas stem from diverse teams who are prepared to tackle problems in new, unexpected ways. We aim to create an inspiring company culture shaped by our values, where employees can act entrepreneurially and with passion.

We also recognize that great talent deserves rewards. Our performance culture is based on open feedback so we can fairly recognize outstanding results. Colleagues in management functions receive 360° feedback and participate in an annual talent management system. Add in flexible schedules, mobile office, and agile team structures, the world of work at REHAU Group is now very different from just a few years ago.

Engineering progress

Enhancing lives