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Competence in Quality

Energy efficiency, comfort and safety, function and design as well as conserving raw materials and resources are the main themes for developments in our Industrial Solutions division.
Based on our expertise in profile, silicone and hose technology REHAU offers a selected number of industrial speciality product ranges. Whether operating a coffee machine, working in the garden, driving the car or in the supermarket, you constantly encounter the hose, profile and moulding solutions from REHAU. Always hidden in the details, but highly functional and of unbeatable quality.

REHAU gardening

Garden Technology

From professional garden hoses for intensive use, through to all-purpose garden hoses for simple garden structures, the REHAU watering product range offers a variety of products that both hobby gardeners and professionals will love. Garden hoses, accessories and fittings have three different quality classifications. Innovative design and clever product ideas are always the focus here.

REHAU Domestic appliance industry

Domestic Appliance Industry and Commercial Cooling

In the domestic appliance industry and the commercial cooling sector, REHAU is a recognised and reliable partner. Manufacturers value our product and system solutions in the applications for cooling, washing and drying and cooking. We also offer our customers flexible logistics concepts to support and optimize the supply chain.

REHAU hoses for high pressure cleaning

Unit, Machine and Equipment Construction

An extensive range of solutions is found again in unit, machine and equipment construction. Whether in high pressure cleaning, hydraulics, pneumatics, fire protection, or even welding technology: We offer you individual hose and profile solutions for almost any purpose in this complex sector.

REHAu sport and leisure

Sport and Leisure

REHAU also shows a flair for technology, innovation and design in sport and leisure. Whether safe covers for swimming pools, reliable high pressure hoses for diving, innovative in-run track systems for ski-jump ramps or mini hydraulic hoses on bicycle disc brakes: REHAU know-how also plays a part.

The high-quality and durability of the REHAU materials are very highly valued in the sector. Our solutions for applications in sport and leisure are developed in close coordination with our customers around the world.

Hose solutions beverage vending machines

Foodstuffs and Beverage Industry

The greatest care is always taken when handling foodstuffs and beverages.

To ensure no aftertaste in beverage vending machines, dispensing systems or water dispensers, we comply with the national specifications of dispensing system ordinances and the applicable standards. RAUALCO, TUBALCO and RAUAQUA are the safe hose systems, that are exactly the right solutions for the food and beverage industry due to special formulations and sophisticated production processes.

REHAU energy management: Meter/distribution cabinet systems

Energy Management

The manufacture of products for industrial power supply is a wide-ranging area in the Industrial Solutions business division. A variety of leading industrial companies from various segments of the electrical industry are supplied by us:

  • Meter/distribution cabinet systems
  • Identification and labeling of electrical systems
  • Insulating profiles/contact lines for industrial power supply
  • Customer-specific developments for the entire electrical industry
REHAU trade product ranges

Trade Product Ranges

Innovation strength and quality: These attributes determine our performance in the technical trade. 
Whether it concerns an industrial hose, suction and conveying hose, heat-shrinkable tube or a silicone profile. Our product ranges RAUCLAIR-E, RAUFILAM-E, RAUSPIRAFLEX, RAUCROSS, RAUSIL, RAULAB and RAUSILPRO are already well established with the leading companies in this sector.

Together with our premium trade partners we unlock new market possibilities and optimise the quality of the products and services continuously.


REHAU offers systems for the bathroom living space, including a variety of hose and profile designs in a range of different materials for shower feeder hoses,  shower hoses with foil decor, shower partition profiles, silicone profiles for handicapped accessible bathtubs or complex profile solutions for application in whirlpools or in shower panels. Function and design go hand in hand with individuality in all REHAU systems.

Air Conditioning

Our solutions for applications in air conditioning and ventilation technology have been developed in close cooperation with internal and external specialists, industry experts and users. 
In doing so we have aimed in particular for systems for the sustainable use of resources through the targeted selection of the materials and processes. Furthermore, our products stand out with high durability. With rectifier and droplet separator profiles we ensure a pleasant room climate.


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