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Andreas Jenne, Sustainability Officer at REHAU, proudly presents the silver award of the inde-pendent rating agency EcoVadis.

Sustainability management

EcoVadis honors REHAU commitment


Resource-saving production processes, comprehensive recycling concepts, innovative materials, energy-efficient solutions: REHAU implements well thought-out concepts for improved environmental and climate protection in all divisions. For this commitment, the polymer expert has already received the VinylPlus product label. Now the independent rating agency EcoVadis has also honored the company for its sustainability management.

Since 2007, the independent rating agency EcoVadis has been evaluating the sustainability performance of companies in the categories environment, labour and human rights, ethics and sustainable procurement and making the activities of companies with international supply chains in the field of sustainability measurable and comparable. In the current sustainability ranking, REHAU ranks among the best one percent of internationally active plastics processors evaluated in the "Environment" and "Sustainable Procurement" categories. In comparison with all the companies assessed in the 2018 CSR rating, REHAU is among the top ten percent. The polymer specialist received the silver award for this rating. Since the first EcoVadis assess-ment in 2014, REHAU has succeeded in continuously improving its rating. 

"Particularly through the principle of recycling management, we are realizing our claim to contribute to climate protection and sustainability in all industries relevant to us. It goes without saying that we make our performance in this area transparent," emphasizes Andreas Jenne, Sustainability Officer at REHAU. In doing so, the company has imposed ambitious voluntary obligations on itself and has regularly explained its measures and goals in sustainability reports since 2011. For example, the company's window division plans to produce up to 50 percent of the profiles in European plants with the core of recycled plastic by 2020. Precision sorting systems specially modified for REHAU separate and clean materials in order to recover unmixed raw materials. All four European window plants and numerous REHAU system solutions have been certified by VinylPlus with the product label for sustainable PVC solutions. 

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Today REHAU already produces up to 25 percent of its window profiles in European plants with recycled plastic in the core, by 2020 it should be up to 50 percent.

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