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REHAU shows its smart side at the ISH 2019


From reliable water control systems and grid-bound drinking water dispensers to intelligent underfloor heating and cooling systems, all the way to efficient BIM software: at the ISH 2019, polymer specialist REHAU presented a wide range of solutions tailored to planners, installers and builders. In addition, the company presented its new brand appearance for the first time at the world’s leading trade fair for water, heating and air conditioning.

At the exhibit of the “Building Solutions” division, REHAU surprised visitors with a fresh brand concept. “This past year, we have worked intensively on the brand REHAU and want to show the world more clearly that we are much more than just polymer solutions,” explains Division Manager Dr. Roger Schönborn. The company’s new claim “Engineering Progress. Enhancing Lives” stands for the polymer specialist’s extensive experience with technologies and processes, while at the same time emphasising the broad product range designed to enrich customers’ lives. “In our development, we always stick to the principle that technology has to follow functionality. Part of that is learning to put ourselves in the position of our target groups and focusing entirely on their needs,” Dr. Roger Schönborn asserts. With the current #expectmore campaign, REHAU illustrates its claim that its products set the highest quality standards and deliver added value for various target groups.

Smart solutions for fresh drinking water

One of the hot topics in the industry today is perfectly hygienic drinking water. Awareness of the necessity of drinking water safety and the sustainable use of water as a resource is the key driver behind innovations in modern drinking water installations. The established installation system RAUTITAN with lead-free, optimised fittings and the noise-insulating waste water system RAUPIANO PLUS form a reliable basis for addressing these requirements. At the ISH, REHAU introduced an addition to its product portfolio, the grid-bound drinking water dispenser RE.SOURCE. It provides fresh, filtered water directly from the in-house tap, which translates to substantial effort and cost savings for the user as well as the environment in terms of transport and disposal of glass or plastic mineral water bottles. An activated carbon filter reliably removes various harmful substances, satisfying all expectations of high quality drinking water. The premium version with touch screen display delivers water in every desired variety – with or without carbonation, cooled or heated for hot drinks.

The water control system RE.GUARD offers another digital extension for the drinking water installation by monitoring water flow in the pipes with precise ultrasound technology. RE.GUARD identifies burst pipes and drip leaks, and in case of malfunctions automatically shuts down the water main to prevent subsequent damage. 

Smart systems

“The smart home is still the industry’s hottest topic. REHAU principally approaches product developments as part of smart home systems,” Division Manager Schönborn explains. With NEA SMART, REHAU already has one intelligent single room control for underfloor heating and cooling systems in its program, which is now available in the consistently improved next generation. NEA SMART 2.0 can be controlled on-site using an appealing LED matrix display, or via mobile app from anywhere. It can even be linked into the Alexa voice control system. The REHAU system learns the heating and usage behaviour of its users, detects open windows and controls the heating intelligently based on the information it collects. This can save up to 20 per cent of energy costs. The app also offers the user efficient energy monitoring. An option for remote maintenance by the authorised heating contractor is also included in the system.

BIM you can touch

The innovative room control unit NEA SMART 2.0 and the new drinking water installations systems are only two examples of REHAU’s concern for thinking digital in everyday life. The polymer specialist works continuously to make its products and systems BIM-ready. A forward-thinking interface solution links various tools, which significantly simplifies data exchange for all planners, architects and builders involved in a project. At the REHAU exhibit at the ISH 2019, the service BIM@REHAU allowed visitors to experience the broad range of solutions in a virtual space, and once again presented the smart side of the company with 20,000 employees worldwide.

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ISH 2019
ISH 2019
ISH 2019

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