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REHAU Smart Privacy

Fit for future. Innovation and Inspiration ensure sustainable success.

REHAU Window Solutions at Fensterbau Frontale 2024.


  • Strategic development of REHAU Window Solutions into a premium system provider as a key success factor for window professionals with vision.
  • ARTEVO TERRA: The combination of recycled material in the profile core in conjunction with bio-attributed PVC in the top layer and the omission of steel reinforcements up to a sash height of 2.4 metres and the Low-E technology for optimum thermal insulation make ARTEVO TERRA the most sustainable profile system in the industry. 
  • Sustainability: living the circular economy for ever more attractive business models along the entire value chain.
  • Digitalisation: REHAU Connect, REHAU installation planning and Window.ID open up future-proof options for sustainable success.
  • Smart products: Smart Privacy and Smart Shading open up attractive growth markets for window professionals.

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Sascha Gorhau

Ytterbium 4, 91058 Erlangen
Tel.: +49 9131 92-5586

REHAU Window Solutions makes window professionals fit for a successful future. The presentation at Fensterbau Frontale 2024 illustrates the concrete solutions that create future-oriented added value that only the innovative and modular approach of a system house on this scale can offer. In addition to innovative products and services, it is above all the unique, holistic sustainability that has been practised for decades that offers outstanding potential for future-proof business models.

At Fensterbau Frontale 2024, REHAU Window Solutions is positioning itself as the Premium All in One Partner that stands for growth, innovation and future viability within the industry. Because REHAU Window Solutions is investing and growing worldwide. This strategic development towards becoming a system provider along the entire value chain provides stability and security. It is a key success factor for window professionals with vision.

The holistic approach is based on innovative strength and capability. The latest example of this is the new long fibre technology RAU-INFINIO. With continuous glass fibres in a thermoplastic matrix, the specialists at REHAU Window Solutions realise profiles with outstanding mechanical properties. The new material opens up completely new options for plastic-based window solutions. This is because RAU-INFINIO has pioneering values in terms of stability, insulation, application possibilities, workability, design, security and sustainability.
ARTEVO TERRA also symbolises the superiority of material developments by the experts at REHAU Window Solutions. They open up the industry to the use of bio-attributed PVC in the top layer of the window profiles in combination with PVC recyclate in the profile core. Bio-attributed PVC causes around 90 per cent less CO2 emissions during its production, recycled PVC around 88 per cent less than PVC without recycled content. RAU-FIPRO eliminates the need for steel reinforcements up to a sash height of 2.4 metres. This leads to a further significant reduction in the CO2 footprint. The Low-E technology enables the construction of passive house-certified windows. The best thermal insulation is guaranteed here. This makes ARTEVO TERRA the most sustainable window system in the industry. REHAU Window Solutions already offers the solution for the sustainability requirements of the future.

Beyond the context of materials, REHAU Window Solutions also opens up enormous potential in the area of sustainability. As an All in One Partner, the system provider is constantly generating new opportunities and options for successfully dealing with challenges such as the Green Deal, Renovation Wave or recycling. REHAU Window Solutions has a unique wealth of experience in a circular economy that has been practised for decades. REHAU Window Solutions is consistently developing this approach and, among other things, ensures an ever higher proportion of recycled materials in all profiles or opening up new possibilities with Window.ID in terms of raw material supply and raw material supply and efficiency optimisation.   

Digital tools and services in particular are excellent opportunities for future-proof business. REHAU Window Solutions develops integrated solutions in this area that constantly offer new added value for architects and planners, window manufacturers, dealers, fitters and end users. REHAU Connect, REHAU installation planning and Window.ID are modular and improve business models along the entire value chain - from pre-sales and production to sales and installation as well as subsequent care and maintenance. 

REHAU Connect. Simply sell windows.

  • New prospective customers through online marketing: Easy access to an online-savvy customer group.
  • Professional sales talks: Simply use sales-promoting tools for interactive customer advice.
  • Digitalisation: Simply take the next steps in digital window sales.

REHAU installation planning. Simply plan and install windows.

  • Efficiency in the planning process: Simply create transparency and an planning process.
  • Professional communication: Simply use the best digital tools to optimise customer communication and scheduling.
  • Digitalisation of scheduling: Simply continue to optimise digital planning processes

REHAU Window.ID. Find windows easily. 

  • Digital product passport: Simply identify every single window anytime and anywhere.
  • Dealer management: Easily retain customers by providing digital services.
  • Sustainability: Simply use a transparent window history with all changes over the entire window life for urban mining.
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REHAU Smart Privacy

REHAU Window Solutions continues to make its partners and customers fit for the future, also through constantly new sales potential in the growing smart home market. REHAU Smart Privacy is the innovative and visually sophisticated window solution for privacy      protection from REHAU Window Solutions. The system provider from Erlangen is currently expanding its Smart Privacy system scope and will be presenting initial insights into this at Fensterbau Frontale 2024. Smart Privacy will soon be compatible with the Matter standard as an in-wall solution. REHAU Smart Privacy communicates and interacts even more easily with all common smart home platforms - linking Smart Privacy with smart home systems is therefore almost as intuitive and quick as connecting a smartphone to WLAN. 

Sun protection with Smart Shading: At Fensterbau Frontale 2024, REHAU Window Solutions will provide a preview of the details of the shading solution. Smart Shading offers enormous potential thanks to highly customisable usage options. 

Smart solutions from REHAU Window Solutions enhance classic windows and generate additional sales - also because, as an All in One Partner, the system house offers its partners and customers unique support from a single source, including service, training and support. This makes window professionals pioneers in an attractive growth market. Innovation and inspiration ensure sustainable success.

REHAU Window Solutions 2024. All in One Partner. 
Create Difference. Grow Business.

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