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Happy Birthday RAUKANTEX!

50 years of the RAUKANTEX brand: edgeband innovation at its best


The RAUKANTEX brand is synonymous with polymer edgebands and has been a global success in the furniture world. As it enters its anniversary year, REHAU is celebrating a product that continues to play a leading role in the Furniture Solutions division. Andreas Albig, Executive Director Product Manage­ment Furniture Solutions Edgeband, wants to thank its many customers, partners and employees for their loyal collaboration. “We manufacture and supply the ideal edgeband for every requirement - that is the promise we make to our customers, for furniture components as if from a single mould“.

The first thermoplastic edgebands came off the production lines at REHAU 50 years ago. The RAUKANTEX product name was registered as a brand back in 1970 and has since developed into a perennial bestseller in the international furniture industry – while also exemplifying what it means to sustain product innovation over such a long period of time.

The economic growth in the post-war years caused fundamental changes in furniture production and there was much greater focus on design. Chipboard became the industry standard instead of solid wood – and a new invention was needed to make the cut edges invisible. Time and again, REHAU was able to replace existing system components with clever polymer solutions. RAUKANTEX, the brand name for REHAU edgebands, enabled chipboard with or without decorative surfaces to be transformed into coordinated furniture components. This caused a minor revolution for furniture production.

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Andreas Albig, Executive Director Product Manage­ment Furniture Solutions Edgeband

Components with a seamless look

RAUKANTEX has undergone many metamorphoses in its time, and the current invisible joint technology and the RAUKANTEX pro laser edgeband developed by REHAU has now transformed it into state-of-the-art furniture edging. REHAU started working with PVC, then moved via ABS to the environmentally friendly polypropylenes and alternative materials most commonly used today. Once RAUKANTEX had been registered as a brand, more and more new production sites were opened around the world. The RAUKANTEX family now extends all around the globe – always produced everywhere with the same ‘Made in Germany’ quality.

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Seamless invisible joint technology

History of innovation – not just in products

Services are also continuously optimised, always with the aim of creating added value for customers. Today, it is primarily digitalisation that REHAU is looking to drive forward. But special applications are also in high demand: edgebands for passive fire protection, for example, edgebands with an antiviral coating or a special edgeband for the door rebate.

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Special edgebands for the door rebate

Towards greater sustainability

It is clear to see from the history of its materials that the issue of sustainability has always been a consideration at REHAU. This continues to this day – in production and packaging, as well as in the product itself. For example, the two sustainable product lines of RAUKANTEX eco and RAUKANTEX evo actively promote the increased use of recycled materials and reduction of CO2 emissions, while RAUKANTEX basic edge supports resource-efficient lightweight construction. REHAU has also launched various initiatives in its production to reach the ultimate goal of carbon neutrality.

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The ingenuity goes on

When the first edgebands left the extruder more than 50 years ago, no-one could have foreseen that it would mark the start of an unbelievable success story. With this online magazine „50 Years of RAUKANTEX“ REHAU wants to give edgebanding a moment in the spotlight - and bring its business partners, customers and employees closer to a piece of the history, present and future of RAUKANTEX. Because there is no tomorrow without yesterday. Read more: www.rehau.com/raukantex-50.

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