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Adaptable, connected, digital – becoming a world-class innovator

International markets are in constant flux, and global players face an increasingly sophisticated competitive environment. Our clients’ requirements are changing, too. They want more than quality: service and additional functions are becoming just as important. As part of our strategic initiative REHAU 2020, we are implementing the changes required to meet these requirements, now and in the future. We focus on new fields of activity, new materials, new technologies and new business models as well as agile approaches and methods to break down established structures. We will also leverage strategic alliances, such as developmental partnerships, to succeed in our markets.

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"REHAU's success is based on innovations. We achieve profitable growth through a balance between innovations in our core business and in completely new areas. In doing so, we accelerate the development of technology within the organization and drive forward digital transformation. Investments in new products, processes and business models are investments into the future of our company."

Christian Fabian, REHAU Head of Technology & Performance

Digitalisation and convenience

Smarter Einbruchschutz Smart Guard

Smart protection against burglary for windows and doors

Let the REHAU Smart Guard be your guard dog. First, the acoustic warning and visual light signals attract attention when a person approaches the window. If someone tries to open the window forcibly, this causes the roller shutters to close, for example, or an alarm siren is released - depending on how the REHAU Smart Guard has been set up.

Smart Sense

REHAU makes furniture a user interface

The touch-sensitive polymer profile makes furniture a user interface: the table height can be adjusted, the light regulated and the slatted bed frame controlled.


Alternative materials and technologies

REHAU Lyteus

A Roll of Light

REHAU participates in EU-funded lighting project.

Dr. Ahmad Al-Sheyyab

Light, lighter, ultralight - Composite components from REHAU

Dr. Ahmad Al-Sheyyab and the future of lightweight design.

Wasserstoff – Energieträger der Zukunft

The future energy source

Hydrogen is one of the basic building blocks of the universe. It is found, chemically-bound, in every living organism and possesses enormous potential.

Polymere Überflieger

High-Flying Polymers

REHAU sets standards in aeronautical engineering.


Processes and fabrication

Dr. Steven Schmidt

Recyclate for new product life

The history of plastics is an ongoing success story. Daily life is just inconceivable without plastics.

Laser für Kunstoffverarbeitung

Laser for processing plastics

Laser welding, laser scribing and laser cutting are essential techniques that REHAU employs when processing polymers.

Networks and partnerships

Dr. Ralf Sander

Centralized REHAU technology

At REHAU, research and development of new processes as well as core process engineering is the remit of Corporate Research and Development Process Technologies (C-R+D PT). 

Dr. Thomas Rhönisch

Material expertise network

The Corporate Research and Development Material (C-R&D MAT) department is REHAU’s global material expertise network.

Engineering progress

Enhancing lives