NUVELOS - The e-Bike made by REHAU.

The polymer specialists at REHAU are committed to alternative drive technology systems, new approaches to mobility, and lightweight engineering. In our capacity as an innovator, we already have developmental partnerships with all renowned national and international automotive manufacturers. But there is another industry that stands to benefit from the skills of REHAU in the future: bicycles. In November 2016, the company established the NUVELOS team. Since then, it has been diligently working on the first REHAU e-bike, which will be introduced to the market in 2019.

NUVELOS is based on a composite frame produced by a process of injection molding and its high-end components will produce an electric bike that is as innovative as it is attractive. NUVELOS is equipped with 27.5-inch tires and a 504 watt/h battery for trips of up to 100 kilometers. It is suitable for city roads as well as unpaved terrain. Its frame consists of two injection-molded support channels that are joined together to create a stable structure. This hollow structure, which houses the battery, cable and motor, has an innovative, planar design and is resistant to deformation. “We have developed a bicycle frame that integrates many functions, taking advantage of the benefits of injection molding over conventional metal constructions. NUVELOS merges an innovative design with cutting-edge technology,” Alexander Oelschlegel, Project Manager of NUVELOS, commented.


NUVELOS is manufactured in Europe. It boasts short supply chains and a high degree of functional integration. When asked what motivates the REHAU team, Alexander Oelschlegel has a concise answer: “Ultimately, we need to be competitive. We want to raise the bar for design and functional integration.”

The NUVELOS frame is also 100% recyclable. Yet another REHAU innovation that makes a sustainable contribution to the protection of the environment.


Alexander Oelschlegel

Head of Project NUVELOS
REHAU Location Rehau

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