Smart protection against burglary for windows and doors

The peak burglary season is just around the corner. Let the REHAU Smart Guard be your guard dog. First, the acoustic warning and visual light signals attract attention when a person approaches the window. If someone tries to open the window forcibly, this causes the roller shutters to close, for example, or an alarm siren is relased - depending on how the REHAU Smart Guard has been set up.

Not only the product itself is special, but also its development. The smart system emerged from a cooperation of the Window Solutions Division (WS) with UNLIMITED X and the digitization platform. At the end of 2016, the window division dealt with the questions of how windows of the future will look like, and which functions they could have. Together with the representatives of “smartREHAU” - the team, from which the Innovation Lab UNLIMITED X emerged later - the idea for smart burglary protection was developed. It was the birth hour of today’s REHAU Smart Guard, which at the same time was the first project of UNLIMITED X.

An interdisciplinary team continued to refine the idea. Michael Lehmann, Innovation Architect at UNLIMITED X, explains: “Our task was to understand the market, to quickly convert the idea into reality through prototyping, and to turn an overall concept into a product and business model.” Customer feedback was obtained; the market potential was tested; ideas and figures were analyzed, and a business plan was developed. The WS division expertly carried out the technical implementation and market launch of the system last fall. The cooperation between the Purchasing Department and the Digitization Platform, i.e., the experts for digital technologies, was the decisive factor for the entire project’s success.

Smarter Einbruchschutz Smart Guard

The video shows the REHAU Smart Guard in action.

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