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International Diversity Week

REHAU shows global diversity


REHAU has long recognised the opportunities that diversity offers in the company and has enshrined the topic in its sustainability strategy for precisely this reason, for example. In 2018, the company signed the Diversity Charter and thus publicly set an example. Clear goals have also been set in the area of human resources, for example to increase the proportion of women in management. As part of the "Diversity Week", the company demonstrated various ways in which employees can actively contribute to more diversity.

Diverse teams are more successful - this is clearly shown by the McKinsey study "Diversity matters". Back in 2015, the management and strategy consultancy found through its survey that there is a positive, statistically significant correlation between diversity in the management team and financial performance. The results of the 2020 survey also confirmed the thesis. The study showed that companies with more gender diversity in their leadership teams were 21 per cent more likely to have above-average profitability. For ethnic and cultural diversity, the probability of above-average performance is 35 percent.

As a globally active company in more than 70 countries, REHAU lives diversity. However, the company still sees significant potential and aims to understand cultural norms and expectations of others through an open and collaborative mindset and use them to create a diverse workforce and environment. The proportion of women in the company and especially in management positions is also to be increased. Human Resources has set clear targets for this. By 2025, the proportion of women in management positions is to increase to 15 per cent, for example by having more women participating in development programmes in the future. REHAU wants to fill at least every fifth management position with a woman by 2030. 

As part of the "Diversity Week" with the 9th German Diversity Day on 18 May and the International Diversity Day (World Day for Cultural Diversity) on 21 May, the polymer specialist showed various ways in which employees can work towards more diversity. A video with answers from all over the world to the question: "What does diversity mean to you? 

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The video underlines that diversity has many facets. REHAU's long-term goal is to sustainably shape the corporate culture through more diversity.  

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With a focus on reducing inequalities (SDG 10 or UN Sustainable Development Goals) as part of its sustainability strategy, REHAU aims to increase diversity within the company.

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