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KALEIDO PAINT: REHAU Window Solutions creates future security and revises paint range


  • Paint programme KALEIDO PAINT now offers water-based solutions.
  • Future-proof and sustainable system provides security and brings numerous advantages for REHAU customers.

REHAU Window Solutions is converting the KALEIDO PAINT paint programme for its window profiles completely to water-based paints. The system house thus secures its role as a leading partner for sustainable solutions in the window industry.  Window professionals benefit from the changeover in many ways.

Erlangen, 1 April 2023 - REHAU Window Solutions has been driving and designing sustainable solutions with added value for window professionals for decades. Now, the system house is resolutely taking the next logical step in terms of unprecedented sustainability and will exclusively use water-based lacquers for window profiles from April 2023. 

On the one hand, this addresses the increasing demand from the market and, on the other hand, creates a secure long-term basis for REHAU partners with regard to the stricter requirements of the European Union in the future. At the same time, the conversion is also an important contribution to climate protection. For example, the new lacquers are produced in a CO2-neutral way, are recyclable and "Cradle to Cradle" certified.

Trendy and robust

The new KALEIDO PAINT paint system focuses primarily on matt shades and thus clearly follows the current trend. Unique on the market is that REHAU Window Solutions offers more than 150 colour shades according to RAL, DB and NCS, both in smooth finish or as textured lacquer, thus enabling a haptic experience. 

The lacquers are low in VOCs, food-safe and therefore ideally suited for kindergartens or schools. Special anti-heat additives in the paint reduce the heating up of the surface in dark colour shades. They also have a high chemical resistance and are resistant to oils, acids, alcohols, cleaning agents and beverages. 

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Advantages during processing

The completely revised KALEIDO PAINT coating system optimises internal processing procedures and thus offers enormous potential for increasing efficiency in production. Even very angular or curved elements can be completely painted without any problems. As the new lacquers are robust and weather-resistant, a coating of clear lacquer is no longer necessary for UV protection. 

Another advantage: the new lacquer system also adheres to other substrates. This gives REHAU customers the option of using the same paint on third-party materials such as add-on parts, roller shutter guides or façade elements for a consistently high level of durability and harmonious overall appearance. In addition, REHAU Window Solutions will offer repair solutions for the construction site and manufacturing, which are easy to handle in logistics, based on the new system.

In the course of the changeover to the new KALEIDO PAINT paint system, repeat orders in the old system are still possible on a transitional basis for follow-up orders, for example in the case of several construction phases. 

For further information on REHAU's KALEIDO COLOR design programme, please visit: www.rehau.de/kaleido

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