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Lead-free drinking water installation

REHAU adds a 50-63 mm macro-composite pipe system to its range of solutions


Drinking water is a valuable resource that is worth protecting. REHAU already offers the completely lead-free RAUTITAN installation system to ensure that water gets to the tap safely and hygienically. To complement this, REHAU will be presenting its macro-composite pipe system with optimised flow for 50 mm and 63 mm pipes at ISH.

Consumers’ requirements and wishes in terms of drinking water safety will increase steadily in the years to come. In order to meet these needs, as well as the ever-tighter standard requirements, there will be a much greater focus on lead-free drinking water installations in the future. The sensitivity of this issue is also reflected in the 2018 decision to include lead in the European REACH Candidate List of substances of potentially very high concern. 

Proactive installation

Safe, high-quality drinking water is our most important resource. That quality cannot be compromised by faulty installations in buildings. Ensuring water quality down to the last tapping point therefore requires the greatest care – from the planning all the way to implementation in accordance with sanitary standards. Once installed, pipes disappear into walls and the ground – out of sight, out of mind. This is why it is all the more important to think ahead when selecting a pipe system. The RAUTITAN drinking water installation system is corrosion-resistant and the compression sleeve jointing technique means that it can also be connected hygienically, securely and free from dead spots in places that are difficult to access and see. The jointing system uses no O-rings and ensures a reliable and secure seal. It also allows the connections to be visually checked at any time (compression sleeve up to the collar = leak-proof). The compression sleeve technology also enables the pipes to be pressure tested using air, which is ideal from a hygiene perspective. The RAUTITAN system therefore meets all requirements for a hygienic drinking water supply. It is impressively durable and also has plenty of reserves to ensure compliance with the sanitation standards of the future.

Looking to the future

REHAU has engaged with the issue of lead-free drinking water installation for a long time. It took the first step towards developing a lead-free system in 2009 with the introduction of its RAUTITAN PX polymer unthreaded fittings and then took the second step in 2011 with RAUTITAN SX stainless steel fittings. Following on from the RAUTITAN RX+ fittings made from lead-free and corrosion-resistant gunmetal, the new 50 mm and 63 mm macro-composite pipe system represents another important addition.

50 mm and 63 mm macro-composite pipe system

The RAUTITAN macro-composite pipe system with optimised flow for 50 mm and 63 mm pipes offers impressive stability and security during installation. The new RAUTITAN stabil universal pipe has significantly improved hydraulic properties and will replace the existing RAUTITAN flex system in this dimension range. When combined with the RAUTITAN PX stabil compression sleeves and the lead-free, corrosion-resistant RAUTITAN RX+ stabil gunmetal fittings, the end result is a simple and secure installation system. What’s more, pipe support channels are no longer needed for the 50 mm and 63 mm macro-composite pipe system.

This product solution also now enables riser mains and floor distributor pipes to be used with the RAUTITAN stabil system throughout, especially in larger and taller buildings.

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