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NEA SMART 2.0: Simple. Flexible. Future-proof

New generation of control technology now KNX compatible / REHAU joins KNX Association


The NEA SMART 2.0 control system for underfloor heating/cooling systems is now compatible with KNX systems. This means that all the control technology can communicate with other KNX-compatible technology in the building – resulting in an overall system that is future-proof and delivers even higher levels of convenience and quality of life. The individual room controllers impress with their attractive design, straightforward installation, simple operation and many useful smart functions. 

To complement the presentation of the new solution, REHAU is now a member of the KNX Association and thus joins a long list of leading global companies that are active in all areas of building services. The global KNX standard offers a huge range of design options, from integrated heating, lighting, electric blinds, alarm and door intercom systems to domestic appliances and consumer electronics.

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Intelligent and flexible networking
The Association’s aim is to develop and promote an international communication standard for home and building automation, based on a single stable and affordable system technology. NEA SMART 2.0 adds another product to REHAU’s portfolio – one that can be integrated perfectly into this KNX world. Joining the KNX Association underlines the company’s position as a provider of smart solutions that can be networked with systems from other manufacturers. REHAU thus strengthens its future-oriented strategy as an expert system provider.

NEA SMART 2.0 is available as a wireless or bus solution. As a central control unit, the base station combines both technologies in a single device; no additional components are required. Wireless and bus components can therefore be operated as a mixed installation. Thanks to the modular structure, the NEA SMART 2.0 system is suitable for use in units of different sizes – from detached houses to buildings with 60 rooms. In addition to simple room temperature control, it is also possible to control flow temperatures and integrate dehumidification units. NEA SMART 2.0 is also ideal for retrofits. With the new KNX Gateway, it is easy to embed it in a KNX smart home; the entire control technology then communicates with other KNX-compatible elements in the building.

Everything under control via the app
With the new intuitive NEA SMART 2.0 app, the building user always has everything under control, at any time and from anywhere in the world. The app offers energy monitoring and the ability to adjust the heating system's settings. It is also possible for a specialist heating company to maintain the system remotely. This enables control settings to be adjusted quickly and effectively, with no time-consuming site visits.

Elegant design           
The NEA SMART 2.0 individual room controller impresses with its elegant, high-quality design in black or white. Instead of a conventional LC display, the new room controllers have an attractive LED matrix display. The bus version also features a discreetly illuminated frame.

Maximum comfort      
NEA SMART 2.0 delivers comfortable temperatures in every room. The system learns from heating and usage behaviour and the room controller uses geo-fencing technology to detect whether the occupants are at home or on their way and regulates the temperature accordingly. The user can make manual adjustments at any time, either on the device itself or via the app. Amazon Alexa voice control can also be used as another convenient way to set the room temperature. Comfort also means not worrying about the next heating bill. The NEA SMART 2.0 system enables energy savings of up to 20% by effectively preventing oversupply and thus avoiding unnecessary energy consumption. For example, the controller detects a sudden drop in room temperature when a window is opened and temporarily switches off the heating to save energy.

Simple installation, commissioning and maintenance          
The wireless and bus versions are both very easy to install, with convenient and time-saving operation. All room controllers can be programmed centrally and activated using mobile devices.

The laborious adjustment and readjustment of underfloor heating is also a thing of the past. The REHAU BALANCE thermal actuator carries out the automatic hydraulic balancing for each heating circuit. In conjunction with NEA SMART 2.0, the switching times of the thermal actuator are adjusted to allow further optimised control behaviour and an increase in efficiency.

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