Our Purpose, Values & Vision

As a family-owned business, we think in generations. Our passion is pushing the boundaries of what is possible every day to foster a sustainable future. Together with our customers, stakeholders and employees around the world we are constantly looking ahead and forging relationships based on trust, innovation and reliability.
Our purpose is «Engineering progress. Enhancing lives.»

An Open Letter from our CEO

At REHAU, our success depends on everyone at the company living our values and vision.

'The REHAU Way' is the direction we give employees to help them focus on the things that really matter. Within this, there are principles that we hold close to our hearts, including:

  • We invest in personal and organizational development to ensure teams deliver the highest standards of customer care and business performance.
  • We use natural resources carefully and sustainably, developing solutions that serve the long-term.
  • We go beyond complying with legal obligations; we aspire to set higher standards others will follow.
  • We value health and safety, respect and improve human rights and promote diversity.
  • We look to suppliers and partners to embrace similar principles so we can collectively improve life on Earth one day at a time.

Today, REHAU is largely defined by our expertise within polymers and our world-class products in sectors including transportation, construction, and industrial.

But REHAU has the capacity to be much more. We try not to limit our imagination within existing sectors or expertise. Our broader ambition is to apply engineering excellence to enhance lives.

My management team and I regularly review our vision for the REHAU Way, with input from customers, colleagues, and partners. 

Thank you for joining us on this journey and let’s keep on engineering progress and enhancing lives.

William Christensen

Chief Executive Officer, REHAU Group

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At REHAU, we are proud of our past and excited by your future.
Our unique set of skills and knowledge enables us to be competitive in both existing and new markets.

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Sustainable long-term business

We have a commitment to employees, society and the future.
Our actions today must not compromise the potential of the generations that follow.

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Pioneering Spirit

We are a company founded on imagination, curiosity and a “can do” mindset.

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Visionary Ambition

Our thinking begins in categories we know well, but we have the commitment, competences and resources to constantly push these boundaries.

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Global Coverage

While German engineering know-how lies at the heart of many of our products and services, REHAU exists to serve customers all around the world.

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Limitless Applications

Our thinking is not constrained by categories. We can invent solutions that enhance all aspects of modern life.

The REHAU Values

Our company values shape our work, culture and behaviors. We encourage all our employees and partners to share these values and demonstrate them consistently in their work.

We are trustworthy

There’s a world of difference between being trusted and being trustworthy. At REHAU we seek to earn and reward customer as well as employee trust every day because together we make great things happen.

We are innovative

Ideas and creativity in problem solving are our lifeblood. From product development to services design, our passion for fresh thinking and the courage to take calculated risks allows REHAU to lead where others follow.

We are reliable

Our credibility depends on our reliability, and we do what we say. We act transparently and always seek to deliver on our promises.

Engineering progress

Enhancing lives