With advanced design and manufacturing processes, we are approaching a time where individual products could conceivably be tailor-made to each customer’s exacting requirements.

In a world of many, people in developed countries demand better, more personalized products and experiences. The REHAU Group is responding to such customer expectations with the development of specialized products in market niches, many of which can be tailor-made on-demand. And as work and home environments become ever more unique, our engineers are also working closely with social science researchers to invent new kinds of precisely personalized living spaces. Here are a few examples of our first steps into product personalization.

Intelligent interior surfaces

Homeowners and architects are always on the hunt for unique design touches to create distinctive living spaces. Intelligent manufacturing techniques recently developed at REHAU enable the production of custommade, personalized interior surfaces. We create digital edgeband designs as short as one meter, furthermore polymer glass can also be individually milled or backlit to order. Smart electronic functions activated via touch, swipe or acoustic signals can be integrated into or behind surfaces. Thanks to such systems, the REHAU Group can manufacture personalized surface components to suit every possible design request, even with an order quantity of just one unit.

Windows to suit your style

The simple beauty of KALEIDO VISION can transform plain window frames into a perfect design feature for every room. By applying an elegant laminate, windows can be adapted to suit the decor of the room. Windows can become a bold statement or simply blend into the background depending on each customer’s preferences. Thanks to these highly personalized components, the days of white, black, or grey are long behind us.

Customized vehicles

The automotive industry thrives on continuous innovation, with new design features evolving regularly. The REHAU Group has extensive manufacturing expertise in engineering and producing a host of highly customized products and design variants. Each year, we produce more than half a million configurable bumpers and spoiler variants in more than 500 colours to meet the exacting requirements of the global automotive industry. With REHAU engineering, a regular family hatchback can become a stylish, sporty driving experience with the addition of body add-ons, each perfectly tailored to the customer’s precise configuration.

Agile business

To create such personalized solutions, the REHAU Group is on a quest to create Best in Class plants and supply chain services. The result is a product portfolio of over 40,000 items supported by world-class experts across five business divisions.

And, with the REHAU Performance System (RPS2) initiative, the company now aims to achieve constant delivery reliability and delight customers with ever shorter turnaround times.

Engineering progress

Enhancing lives