Planet first

We believe it is our duty to meet the needs of the present without compromising the prospects of future generations. This means taking good care of society and the environment as well as acting responsibly in all that we do. Sometimes this means making tough decisions that put planet before profit and people before products.

Sustainability is a driving force within the REHAU Group strategy. From our circular economy model to our approach for environmental and occupational safety, we expect REHAU employees and partners will help us build a sustainable business that future generations will be proud to inherit.

Acting sustainably is more than just a trendy thing to talk about. It's the fundamental belief of our company and the way we ensure that our actions today will serve our planet well for many years to come.

A message (not just) to the younger generation

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Dr. Veit Wagner, President of the REHAU Group Supervisory Board

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Jobst Wagner, Vice President of the REHAU Group Supervisory Board

‘The pace of global change is increasing every single day. At the same time, the public has become extremely sensitive to issues of sustainability. The REHAU Group has been reporting on its sustainability-related activities in a transparent way for years now. It’s our view that we are increasingly facing urgent global challenges, such as pollution of the oceans and dwindling resources.

We believe that the REHAU Group, with its tradition as a responsible family business and with its innovative products and future-forward investments, has already essentially fulfilled the requirements for doing business sustainably for many years.’

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As a family business, we've always thought about the long term and the generations to come. Responsible use of resources, durable and innovative products and sustainable investments are part of our DNA. We're therefore proud to join the 50 Sustainability & Climate Leaders initiative as one of 50 leading companies that have implemented measures to shape their business models in a more sustainable manner.

Positive climate action across the world: The 50 Sustainability & Climate Leaders project is the response from the international business community which demonstrates the desire, the leadership, and the will to take effective action in the fight against climate change.

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Sustainability in action at REHAU

Icon_CO2_down_White - 100664

43 %

of CO2 saved (in 2021 in comparison to 2018)

Icon_Recycling_Quote_White - 100669

15 %

recycling rate in total tonnage (2021)

Icon_Recycling_Fensterprofil_White - 100666

> 100.000 t

saved by recycling old windows in window production (2021)    

Icon_Recycling_Produktion_White - 100668

> 90.000 t

recycling rate for return materials in production (2021)

Icon_Recycling_Verpackung_White - 100672

65 %

of packaging made from sustainable materials (2021)

Icon_Stromsparen_White - 100673

20 %

of electricity saved (kWh/kg) (in 2020 in comparison to 2009)

Sustainability Projects at REHAU

We’re not just improving the way we do things every day, we’re also developing future-oriented products and new models of collaboration to improve life for citizens and societies around the world.

Read on to learn about some of our sustainability programmes and see why we’re proud to stand by our mission: Engineering progress. Enhancing lives.

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Since 2020, REHAU has joined the UN Global Compact initiative on corporate responsibility and its principles in the human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption committed.

Further information:

As part of the network, the REHAU Group is obliged to publish a report once a year on the extent to which it is implementing the ten principles of the UN Global Compact and in which areas progress has been made or there is a need for action. The REHAU Global Compact progress report 2020/2021 was published and can be viewed and downloaded.

Download Progress Report 2020/21

Our key areas of focus

The circular economy, climate-neutral energy supply, promoting diversity – these are key issues for us on the path towards more sustainability. We won’t cut any corners – even in those areas where it demands particular effort of us. For REHAU, this is the only way to ensure lasting success – with the knowledge that we are helping to ensure quality of life on the planet for today’s generations and those to come. In line with our claim: Engineering progress. Enhancing lives.

Our key areas of activity in sustainability are based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals:


Growing sustainably

Generating sustainable profitable growth is part of the mission of REHAU. Two factors are key for this. Firstly, we can only achieve healthy growth if we improve profitability in every division. We also want to grow sustainably by offering new, innovative products and solutions that meet market needs and resolve the issue of diminishing resources. 

In the long term: average annual growth of 1 to 3%


Promoting diversity

Diverse perspectives form a crucible within which innovation is forged. We value and encourage diverse, mixed teams. We want to prioritise this for all employees, with no exceptions, regardless of age, gender, background or status. Safeguarding equality is at the very top of our agenda. We also encourage women to take up managerial positions, with women still substantially under-represented in this regard at REHAU.

Increasing the proportion of women in managerial positions from 10% to 15% by 2025 (in comparison with 2016)


Driving the circular economy

In the long term, the circular economy is the only way to deal with limited resources and reduce our products’ carbon footprint. The ‘circular economy’ means that materials are kept in the cycle for good, creating as little waste and using as little energy as possible. To do this, we will expand external partnerships and networks, as well as beefing up our services.

Increasing our recycling rate from 11% to 15% by 2025 (in comparison with 2016)


Accelerating climate protection

With an innovative, networked energy supply, we will play our part in combating climate change. We want to reduce absolute carbon emissions in our European plants further. For years, we have been undertaking a wide array of measures to make our production sites more energy-efficient and increase the amount of green energy used. We want to keep driving forward the use of renewable energies.

Reducing our CO2 emissions by at least 30% (in comparison with 2018)

More issues in detail:

Download 2021 Fact Report

REHAU is publishing its seventh sustainability report for 2021 based on Global Reporting Initiative guidelines.

Download 2021 Fact Report

This report is optimised for viewing in Adobe Acrobat. If you want to read the report online, we recommend Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Other browsers may not support all features.


REHAU Sustainability Documents and Certificates

Partnerships and networks

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REHAU Group Sustainability Officer

Andreas Jenne

REHAU Industries SE & Co. KG
Ytterbium 4
91058 Erlangen

Tel.: +49 (0) 9131 925 - 481
Mail: sustainability(at)

Engineering progress

Enhancing lives

Download 2021 Fact Report