REHAU plant begins operating new high-bay storage

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Good news from the REHAU plant in Brake: The extensive plant expansion, which also included construction of a new paint shop, is nearly complete. The expansion of the high-bay storage together with electric overhead railway in production is mechanically and electrically finished and recently began successful operation. Construction of the new logistics hall, which provides the urgently required expansion of existing storage capacity and stock of parts, is also largely finished.

“The paint shop completed its test run successfully, the outdoor installations are secured, and sufficient parking spaces are again available for employees,” Plant Manager Langenberg enthuses. Furthermore, he explains that the enlargement and modernisation measures make an immense contribution to continuing in the future to live up to the reputation of being a top supplier to well-known car manufacturers. REHAU has invested around 80 million euros in the plant expansion and will celebrate the successful construction completion with an official opening ceremony at the end of September.

With the finished high-bay storage and electric overhead railway, REHAU is able to optimise further the internal transport and the storage of bumpers. The automatic conveyor system moves the bumpers from production plant to high-bay storage. There, the stored bumpers are stored and retrieved again in order of customer requests, by fully automated rack operating devices.

“This sophisticated plant logistics system ensures our competitiveness,” the Plant Manager enthuses. The decision to enlarge and bring the plant up to date is, among other things, due to the fact that it was possible only with difficultly to continue to use simple means of transport to handle the explosive increase in the broadest range of car model variants in recent years. In the plant in Brake, which specialises in the production, assembly and painting of injection moulded parts, several thousand bumper variants are produced for the automotive industry and supplied including to the Daimler site in Bremen.

In Brake at present, among other things, the company produces bumpers, rear spoilers and longitudinal beams for well-known automotive companies. In addition, the products include gas and water pipes as well as cable conduits, manholes and rainwater seepage systems.