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REHAU Window Solutions at Fensterbau Frontale 2024.


  • Solutions in the core business strengthen REHAU Window Solutions as a leading All in One Partner for the industry.
  • ARTEVO TERRA gives window professionals further options for a sustainably successful future.
  • With ARTEVO TERRA, REHAU Window Solutions introduces bio-attributed PVC as a further sustainable material.
  • ARTEVO TERRA enables additional CO2 savings of 90 per cent with bio-attributed PVC compared to virgin PVC.
  • SLINOVA X: New dimensions for window professionals worldwide.

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REHAU Window Solutions is presenting an important innovation in its core business at Fensterbau Frontale 2024: ARTEVO Terra. The profile system based on the 360-degree performance of ARTEVO offers bio-attributed PVC as an outstandingly sustainable material. This provides window professionals with unrivalled sustainability in combination with a leading and future-proof premium system with all its advantages.

Erlangen, 19 March 2024 – At Fensterbau Frontale 2024, REHAU Window Solutions will be presenting decisive further developments of the ARTEVO profile solution, which was launched on the markets last year. REHAU Window Solutions thus provides its partners partners further innovative options to remain sustainably successful in markets worldwide.

ARTEVO TERRA symbolises the 360-degree performance of the system solution and significantly enhances the superiority of ARTEVO. The specialists at REHAU Window Solutions are now using bio-attributed PVC as a further sustainable material. By using bio-attributed and recycled PVC in a profile system, ARTEVO TERRA maximises the reduction in CO2 emissions compared to the use of virgin PVC. 

"ARTEVO TERRA shows how REHAU Window Solutions is constantly making its premium systems more efficient and sustainable. Our experts are consistently developing the system further and are focussing on the needs of our partners and upcoming regulatory requirements. ARTEVO TERRA thus offers decisive competitive advantages. The entire design stands for forward-looking sustainability over the entire life cycle. Window professionals benefit from a number of added values and can ultimately offer end customers a customised, highly attractive and sustainable overall package," says Frank Zimmermann, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) REHAU Window Solutions.

ARTEVO TERRA at a glance:

  • Premium system based on bio-attributed PVC in the top layer and recycled PVC in the profile core.
  • The bio-attributed PVC used does not compete with the food chain and has a 90 per cent lower CO2 footprint than virgin PVC.
  • With up to 80 per cent highest recycled content (post consumer & post industrial).
  • Complete integration into REHAU Window Solutions' seamless circular economy: the recyclate used comes from the REHAU material cycle and is returned to it after the utilisation phase.
  • Steel reinforcements are not necessary up to a sash height of 2.4 metres. This significantly reduces the CO2 footprint even more.
  • Low-E technology for the best thermal insulation values. This means that not only the production is lower in CO2 than with any other system. ARTEVO TERRA is characterised by the best energy efficiency and therefore a particularly low footprint in the utilisation phase.
  • Perfect workability: production and installation are as quick and safe as with the basic ARTEVO system.
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"We continue to follow our promise 'Create Difference. Grow Business.' Constant innovations combined with highlights such as Low-E technology for the best U-values and the almost complete elimination of steel make ARTEVO the leading premium system," says Frank Zimmermann. premium system," says Frank Zimmermann.

SLINOVA X: New dimensions for window professionals worldwide.

Unique design, efficient production and installation, embedded in a pioneering forward-looking sustainability concept: SLINOVA X is the innovative sliding solution based on the high-tech material RAU-FIPRO X. Thanks to the special material properties of RAU-FIPRO X, SLINOVA X offers the slimmest centre section ever in a PVC-based sliding system. The innovative design opens up new dimensions of transparency for window professionals and inspires architects and building owners. SLINOVA X shares the frame platform with SLINOVA, the second variant of the horizontal sliding system platform.

This offers numerous advantages: it significantly simplifies logistics and production thanks to the use of identical parts. Once work steps have been set up on the production line, they can be transferred to a variety of applications.

SLINOVA X at a glance:

  • Pioneering in design and stability as well as sustainability and workability.
  • 32 mm width: SLINOVA X offers the narrowest centre section in the entire PVC sliding system market.
  • Up to 69 per cent recycled content.
  • Flexible profile design with a wide range of applications.
  • Country-specific room shapes enable use in numerous markets worldwide.
  • Uf value of up to 1.6 W/m²K.
  • Uw value of up to 1.4 W/m²K.
  • Very good sound insulation of up to 37 dB.
  • High tightness values: driving rain tightness up to class 7B and air permeability class 3. 

Further highlights from the profile world of REHAU Window Solutions:

  • REHAU Window Solutions expands the ARTEVO portfolio with a side entrance door.
  • Thanks to the now confirmed AAMA conformity, ARTEVO will soon also be available in the attractive US market. 
  • ARTEVO Nordics: The 360-degree solution is coming to the Scandinavian market.
  • Synego Slide Black Edition: The system continues to integrate new trends in terms of design and appearance. Frame connectors, kick plates and aluminium parts are now also available in RAL 9005.

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