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RAUSPEED EasyConnect – the quickest way to an internet connection

The blowing-in box by REHAU saves time and money


Previously, connecting a building to the fibre optic network involved a great deal of organisa-tion and a lot of people. The new RAUSPEED EasyConnect blowing-in box makes the process much more efficient. This new technology means that one technician will now be able to lay the fibre optic cables on their own – and will need just one appointment rather than the two needed previously. This one-step installation means a time saving of up to 35%.

Fast internet should eventually become the expected norm, just like getting electricity from a socket or water from a tap. ‘Fibre to the home’ (FTTH) is the new watchword. This means that the fibre optic cabling runs right up to the user’s home. Every building therefore needs a con-nection for the microduct through which the fibre optic cables will eventually run. Usually, around a hundred households are connected via a roadside cable distribution point. 

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Efficient use of resources

Once the construction work has been completed and the microducts laid in the ground all the way into the house, then it gets exciting. Up to now, blowing the fibre optic cables into the pre-installed microduct system has presented more of an organisational challenge than a technical one, as it has always required at least two appointments to be arranged with the home owner. At the first, the house wall is drilled through and the house connection set up. At the second, the fibre optic cables are blown into the microduct using compressed air and then sealed. Two technicians are needed on site to do this: the first to operate the blowing machine and the sec-ond to receive the blown cable in the house. As it is not possible for all the different house-holds needing this connection to allow access to their homes at the same time, the installation team often has to travel to a location several times. There is also downtime between buildings because the appointments do not follow on from each other seamlessly or sometimes because the homeowner is running late. If we take into account this time and effort for an entire installa-tion area, it represents a significant waste of planning time and human resources. 

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Quicker fibre optic connection

There is now an alternative. The new RAUSPEED EasyConnect blowing-in box makes it easier than it has ever been for buildings to be connected using fibre optic cables, as the house only needs to be accessed once. The blowing-in box is installed in the home at the end of the microduct at the same time as setting up the house connection. This is done while the microduct is being laid in the street, which typically takes from one to two weeks. It is easy to arrange an appointment with the homeowner during this time. Once the blowing-in box has been installed, no further access to the house is necessary. The technician who is blowing in the cable can take care of the whole area later from the cable distribution point, on their own and without any downtime between each unit. The fibre optic cables are slowed down safely when they enter the blowing-in box.

According to an initial assessment by REHAU, this method reduces costs by more than half in comparison to the traditional process. More precise timings will be recorded in the next project to substantiate the potential savings.

The topic of fibre optic network expansion is a broad one. Which is why REHAU offers support at several levels. Detailed tender specifications for all solutions are provided specially for planners. On request, support can also be provided during the planning process. To ensure that everything runs smoothly the first time a REHAU system is installed on a construction site, the manufacturer can hold product familiarisation sessions where required or help to support the civil engineering project. Finally, municipalities, local authorities and municipal associations can also get advice on the subject of subsidies.

For more information, visit:  https://www.rehau.com/uk-en/distribution-networks

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