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RAUTHERM SPEED plus 2.0 The original: now even thinner & more flexible!

RAUTHERM SPEED plus 2.0 is set to launch in April 2021.


REHAU is expanding its hook-and-loop SPEED range for underfloor heating and cooling: the RAUTHERM SPEED plus 2.0 is set to launch in April 2021. REHAU’s slimline hook-and-loop solution takes around 30 percent less time to install than a conventional system. It also requires less physical effort and installation can be a one-person job.

Time is precious on a construction site. That’s why REHAU devoted its development expertise to ensuring that the new RAUTHERM SPEED plus 2.0 would make for simpler, more efficient on-site installation processes.

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Slimline system

The hook-and-loop system mat for underfloor heating and cooling has been further optimised. It can now be installed on different insulation layers (mineral wool and glass wool, for example), as well as on concrete or wooden floors. The fitter simply removes the protective foil from the underside of the sheet or roll and affixes it to the substrate. All that the fitter then needs to do is ensure that they lay the material with the proper overlap. This produces an impermeable protective layer and prevents damage from screed mixing water. As a low floor construction system, the solution is also ideal for use in renovations. In combination with the 10.1 x 1.1 mm RAUTHERM SPEED K pipe and KNAUF N440 levelling screed, construction height of only 33 mm is possible.

High ease of installation

A loop fabric is laminated to the upper side of the mat, while the RAUTHERM SPEED K pipe comes prefitted with the counterpart hook strip. This makes installation a straightforward process: the fitter can single-handedly unwind the heating pipe from the unwinder and press it onto the mat with their foot, laying the pipework safely. Because there is no need to keep to fixed hook-and-loop structures, pipework can be laid freely and more flexibly. Corrections can be made at any time, as the pipe can be removed from the mat and reattached as often as required. The work is performed standing, making this a labour-saving, convenient and ergonomic solution. It is easy on the fitter’s back, reducing absenteeism in the long term. 

Up to 90 percent reduction in volume

There are benefits to the RAUTHERM SPEED plus 2.0 system when it comes to storage and transport too: the mats are just 1.5 mm thick, making them up to 90 percent lower in volume than conventional hook-and-loop sheets. A stack of sheets measuring 20 to 25 cm in height is sufficient for a detached dwelling with an area of 130 m². 

Tried-and-tested installation accessories

Practical accessories help speed up work on the construction site even more. Options include a pipe unwinder with guide eye to feed the pipe for twist-free installation. The gadget features additional support arms to hold the unrolled pipe in place. The manufacturer also offers special protective gloves, duct tape and a door spreader. For quick installation, the REHAU range features RAUTHERM SPEED K jointing technology for individual pipe segments, including compression sleeves, connecting unions and couplings, as well as installation tools. 

You can find further information about the REHAU RAUTHERM SPEED plus 2.0 system at www.rehau.de/flaechenheizung

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