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ReBuild Ukraine in Warsaw

REHAU Industries is involved in the leading platform for the reconstruction of Ukraine


  • ReBuild Ukraine: Second international platform for the reconstruction of the Ukraine will take place in Warsaw on 14 and 15 November.
  • REHAU Industries is now participating in ReBuild Ukraine and invites you to Warsaw for a dialogue based on partnership and trust.
  • Th REHAU Industries has long taken responsibility for the future of Ukraine and supports the local people.
  • REHAU Industries remains the usual reliable and strong partner in the region.

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The reconstruction of Ukraine is one of the most difficult multilateral challenges of the challenges of the 21st century. REHAU Industries has long assumed responsibility for the future of the country. In November, the German company will take part in the international ReBuild Ukraine platform in Warsaw, where it will provide decisive impetus for sustainable solutions in the areas of infrastructure, industry, energy standards and housing. in the areas of infrastructure, industry, energy standards and living.

Erlangen, October 24th 2023 – As a German family-owned company, REHAU, together with a dense and strong network, for more than 70 years has taken responsibility for ensuring that the basic values of our humanity, trust and respect, as well as sustainability, also shape the life of future generations.

This gives REHAU Industries and its numerous partners and customers a clear compass. As a global group with various business units such as windows and doors (Window Solutions), innovations for buildings and the home (Building Solutions) or components for industry (Industrial Solutions), the polymer expert has been operating for decades as a competence hub for premium solutions for the construction of complex infrastructures from a single source. REHAU Industries has been bringing this conviction to life in Ukraine since 1996 and is present and able to act with its local team. Especially in the midst of the current challenges, the team is particularly active in close exchange with its business partners. 

This is a clear message in the sense of living values and responsibility. This clarity also makes REHAU Industries a reliable partner for the people in Ukraine. Through on-site commitment with aid deliveries, donations and goods in the the "Family for families" campaign, for example. Or also as a bridge builder of a Polish-Ukrainian town twinning.

Ukraine: REHAU Industries shows presence and ability to act

In Ukraine, REHAU Industries has a leading presence in the local market, particularly in the windows and doors and building technology sectors. The Group is determined to use this presence, combined with its expertise in the country's construction sector, to make the best possible contribution to reconstruction in close dialogue with official decision-makers. An essential platform for this will be the "Rebuild Ukraine" conference in Warsaw under the roof of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection.

REHAU Industries is ready to take responsibility for the reconstruction of Ukraine as one of the most difficult multilateral challenges of the 21st century. Infrastructure, industry, energy standards or housing: REHAU remains the usual reliable and strong partner in the region.

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Ukraine: REHAU Window Solutions makes significant contribution to reconstruction

In behalf of the whole company Carsten Heuer, CEO REHAU Window Solutions and Fedir Omelinskyj, Country Manager REHAU Window Solutions Ukraine, invite to a goal-oriented dialogue in Warsaw, in order to jointly create a solid basis for a competitive, energy-efficient and successful future. This applies all the more in the context of the initiative "Build Back Better" initiated by the Ukrainian government. REHAU Window Solutions in particular understands that in this context as a great opportunity for the Ukraine in the context of securing future-proof minimum energy standards in Ukraine. The measures can enable the country to consistently orient itself towards the future in the sense of living sustainability. With its commitment in Warsaw, REHAU Window Solutions is now setting an example to make and implement the right decisions together: In partnership and in a trusting dialogue. The entire REHAU team is looking forward to a successful event.

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