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REHAU solutions - in use worldwide

Smart solutions used to their full potential even under harsh conditions: From undersoil heating and energy-saving windows to rainwater retention; from a single-family home to office buildings, stadiums and airports. Our systems appeal to investors, architects, planners and tradespeople thanks to easy planning, uncomplicated installation. In operation, they are also appealing thanks to their functionality and high energy efficiency. See for yourself.


Traction power supply

The perfect third rail for underground and suburban railway lines.

Energy-efficient construction and renovation

Green building: Keeping comfort high and costs and energy low

Renewable energies

Energy-self-sufficient and emission neutral

Windows and curtain walling systems

Energy efficiency, cost-effectiveness and design

Heating and cooling

Thermal comfort and flexible space planning

Industrial pipes

Cost-effective, flexible and reliable

Interior fittings

Fire protection, electrical installation and acoustic solutions

Sewer system solutions

Our mission: Safety for generations

Local heating

Pathways for regenerative energy supply

Passive houses

From single-family homes to office complexes

Rainwater management

One program from utilization to channeling

Sanitary installation

The space-saving product line with double the benefits

Sports facility construction

Whether on grass or ice, drainage or sanitation – REHAU joins the game

Decking systems

An aesthetic option for decks, balconies and pools

Certified projects