Energy-efficient construction and renovation

Green building: Keeping comfort high and costs and energy low

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Sustainable construction products - equipped with REHAU solutions

A green building goes beyond merely saving energy. State-of-the-art, sustainable buildings provide climate protection without resignation - with thermal comfort, design comfort and low operating costs. This is why we develop intelligent solutions that optimize energy efficiency and meet high architectural standards - for office buildings, single and multi-family homes, apartment complexes or commercial buildings. Here, we focus on three core themes: Reducing energy losses, using energy efficiently and generating energy efficiently. You can find more on these topics in our references.


1 Integrated window ventilation2 Curtain walling3 Lift and slide doors
4 Residential doors5 Windows6 Barrier-free French door
7 Subsurface heating/cooling system

8 Drinking water installation

9 Radiator connection set

10 Wall box

11 Sound-insulating domestic waste water systems

12 Central vacuum cleaner systems

13 Acoustic chilled ceilings14 Electrical installation15 Waste water sewer and storm sewer systems
16 Sewer chambers17 Civil engineering pipes and drainage18 Blocks for storm water channeling
19 Drinking water pipelines20 Gas pipelines21 Local and district heating supply
22 Geothermal probes23 Ground-source collectors24 Ground-air heat exchangers
25 Communication lines26 Decking systems27 Surface design