Energy-efficient house | Erlangen

Detached house from the 1930s is turned into an energy-efficient home

Old structure with top values

Built in the 1930s, a house with a long family history needed to be upgraded without altering its outward appearance. The aim was to turn a home with a connecting structure and a barn into two residential units with the highest energy and economic standards, thereby paving the way for a multi-generational housing situation. After the renovations were completed, both sections of the building were awarded the Dena seal of approval for energy efficiency.

Our solutions
When turning the 85 m² house into an energy-efficient home to KfW 100 standard and the 207 m² barn into an energy-efficient home to KfW 70 standard, the architect opted to take advantage of our GENEO windows. As they are produced with no thermal bridges, they do not allow heat to escape, thereby ensuring a U-value of 0.80 W/m²K.

Good reasons to opt for our GENEO window system

  • No reinforcements in production means no thermal bridges – even in large sizes
  • Perfect energy efficiency with energy savings of up to 76 %
  • Large glass surfaces for additional solar energy gains
SiteErlangen, Germany
Completion date2012
ArchitectRichard G. Hückel
Construction projectRenovation, upgrade
Type of buildingResidence


Tacker system

Key termsWindows with excellent thermal insulation