ADAC headquarters | Munich

A new energy-efficient home for the “blue angel”

The new star of Sendling in Munich

Residents of Munich found a nickname for the new ADAC headquarters shortly after it was completed, calling the building the “Star of Sendling”. The unique impression that the high-rise office makes from a distance is achieved by its 29,000 m2 facade, which radiates multiple shades of yellow. The building consists of two elements: a five-story base structure and an 18-story office tower built on top. The building is the workplace of all 2,400 employees at ADAC. The team was previous distributed across six different sites in Munich.

The energy concept
Part of the comprehensive energy concept is the facade, which provides natural ventilation throughout the building. The concept also combines district heating with close-to-surface geothermal energy, which is responsible for 20% of the energy supply. The heat pump in the building facilitates concrete core tempering.

Our solution
A total of 180,000 meters of our RAUTHERM S pipes were laid in the concrete ceilings (approx. 27,000 m²). These pipes ensure that an effective basic temperature can be achieved in the offices. In summer, the circulation water from geothermal sources cools the space, while in winter the pipe system is provided with water heated to 25°C by the heat pumps.

Good reasons to opt for concrete core tempering

  • Highly energy-efficient system
  • Low investment and operating costs
  • Quick and simple installation thanks to extremely robust materials

Concrete core tempering – the alternative heating and cooling system
The principle of concrete core tempering is based on the use of storage capacity in structural components. The building’s concrete mass is used to store heat, which facilitates heating and cooling operational cycles at a low, resource-saving temperature level. Refrigeration systems can be much more compact than conventional air conditioning units.

Benefits of the system

  • Transfer of energy incurs minimal losses while simultaneously achieving the best possible exchange rates
  • Can be combined most effectively with regenerative energy sources such as heat pumps or geothermal energy systems
SiteMunich, Germany
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Construction projectNew development
Type of buildingOffice buildings

Concrete core tempering installed on site

Pipes and connection technology 

Key termsConcrete core activation, structural component activation