Cathedral of Saint Mother Teresa - Pristina, Kosovo

The Cathedral of Saint Mother Teresa (Albanian: Katedralja e së Lumes Nënë Tereza) is a Roman Catholic cathedral under construction in the Kosovan capital of Pristina. The cathedral is a basilica with three naves in a modern adaptation of an Italian Romanesque style, with transept und apse in the south and a bell tower built on to the east side. In the construction, approx. 2,000 m² of REHAU floor heating was installed. For this, 18,000 m of RAUTHERM S pipes in size 17x2.0 mm were used. RAUTITAN flex pipes were used to supply the 20 heating circuit distributors (16 pieces HKV 10, 4 pieces HKV 8).

SitePristina, Kosovo
Completion date2014