Grabner Haustechnik - Linz, Austria

Grabner Haustechnik was founded in 1979 as a service company for the maintenance and repair of gas and oil-fired boilers. It began carrying out electrical installations in 1982, and further business areas have been added over the years. These days, the company is well established in the areas of building services, electrical installation and after-sales service. As a result of continuous growth, work began in early 2016 on the construction of a new office building and warehouse in Linz. The following REHAU systems were used: 600 m² underfloor heating - pipe grid system with RAUTHERM S pipes 17 x 2.0 mm, 390 m² industrial panel heating in the warehouse area, 180 m² AKD - 8/18Q in the office spaces, RAUTITAN flex and stabil pipes for the drinking water installation, distributor connection and piping of the AKD.

Site:Linz, Austria
Completion date:2016