Hotel Lomnica - High Tatras, Slovakia

The original Hotel Lomnica is one of the oldest hotels in the High Tatras mountains. It was opened back in 1893. After closing its doors in 1991, it would not reopen until 25 years later after undergoing extension renovation and expansion. The original section was left in its original historical construction. The hotel’s interior was renovated completely, including the building services. 4,800 m of RAUTITAN pipes were used for the drinking water installations. To ensure that guests could relax in peace, the decision was taken to install a RAUPIANO plus sound-insulating domestic waste water system with a total length of 2,300 m. For the underfloor heating system in the foyer, the Varionova system was installed over an area of 850 m² with RAUTHERM S pipes.

SiteHigh Tatras, Slovakia
Completion date2016



RAUTHERM S + Varionova