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All-in-one energy convenience

An in-home power plant

The energy-plus building – a glimpse into the future. The basic idea: the annual amount of energy generated from renewable sources is greater than the building’s total energy requirements. The overall energy-efficient concept of the net energy-plus residential unit was the brainchild of Professor M. Norbert Fisch. The concept is based on three main principles: the consistent reduction of all electricity and heating requirements through load management, the use of innovative building technology and the use of solar energy for electricity and heating.

Our solutions: Heating and cooling
A heat pump in combination with three RAUGEO geothermal probes provides the 210 m² underfloor heating system with hot or cold water depending on the time of year. This creates a pleasant, constant indoor climate while being highly energy-efficient. In order to prevent heat escaping in winter and warm air affecting the temperature inside the building in summer, our AWADUKT Thermo air/geothermal heat-exchange system takes care of ventilation.

Sophisticated water management
Professor Fisch opted to use our REHAU systems for the building’s sanitary installations. Our RAUTITAN system guarantees optimum drinking water hygiene thanks to flow-optimized fittings. RAUPIANO PLUS, our sound-absorbing above-ground drainage system, is used to dispose of waste water quietly, thereby further enhancing the quality of life in the building.

Good reasons to opt for REHAU

  • Independent of external energy sources
  • Sustained reduction in energy and operating costs
  • The use of RAUTITAN as part of the drinking water installation protects against microbial contamination via intelligent pipeline routing and ensures an 100% flow rate thanks to flow-optimized fittings.
  • Extremely quiet RAUPIANO PLUS drainpipes – installed together with RAUTITAN – save valuable space as no additional room is required between them.
SiteLeonberg, Germany
Completion date2011
Building contractorProf. Dr. M. Norbert Fisch
ArchitectBerschneider & Berschneider Architekten,
Type of buildingDetached house

RAUGEO PE-Xa green geothermal probe

Tracker system

Air conduction

RAUTITAN: For water and heat 


Key termsNetto-Plusenenergiegebäude, Plusenergiehaus

“An energy-plus building is a system solution. In REHAU I found a company that was able to provide exactly the right systems I needed from top to bottom, from the roof right down to the geothermal probes.”
Prof. Dr. M. Norbert Fisch, Director of Facilities and Estates