Das neue Bürogebäude Panta Rhei liegt im Zentrum der Düsseldorfer Airport City. Temperiert wird es mit REHAU Lösungen.

Alles fließt - Form und Name des mit REHAU Lösungen temperierten Panta Rheis sind durch den nahen Rhein inspiriert.

Das mit REHAU Produkten temperierte Bürogebäude Panta Rhei bietet auf sieben Stockwerken Platz fürflexible Arbeitsumgebungen.

60.000 Meter RAUTHERM S Rohr von REHAU wurden im Panta Rhei verlegt.

Panta Rhei | Düsseldorf

Energy-efficient offices at Düsseldorf Airport City – LEED Gold

Class A office space with environmentally friendly air conditioning

The curved shape of the facades is inspired by the nearby Rhine. It also gave the building its name, panta rhei, which means “everything flows” in ancient Greek. The seven floors provide around 9,600 m² of total office space which can be divided into up to three rental units per floor. The office building was awarded the LEED Gold rating in 2015.

Our solution
The distinctive building was fitted with our low-cost, energy-efficient heating and cooling system, which utilizes close-to-surface concrete core tempering. Approximately 60,000 m of RAUTHERM S pipes were laid across a space measuring 4,500 m². The system will be used to heat and cool the building with maximum convenience.

Good reasons to opt for concrete core tempering

  • Highly energy-efficient system
  • Low investment and operating costs
  • Quick and simple installation thanks to extremely robust materials  

Concrete core tempering – the alternative heating and cooling system
The principle of concrete core tempering is based on the use of storage capacity in structural components. The building’s concrete mass is used to store heat, which facilitates heating and cooling operational cycles at a low, resource-saving temperature level. Refrigeration systems can be much more compact than conventional air conditioning units.

Benefits of the system

  • Transfer of energy incurs minimal losses while simultaneously achieving the best possible exchange rates
  • Can be combined most effectively with regenerative energy sources such as heat pumps or geothermal energy systems
SiteDüsseldorf, Germany
Construction period2014
Building contractorIMMOFINANZ AG
ArchitectRKW Rhode Kellermann Wawrowsky
Construction projectNew development
Type of buildingOffice buildings
CertificationLEED Gold
Products/systemsClose-to-surface concrete core tempering
Key termsConcrete core activation, structural component activation