Phönixbau | Stuttgart

Concrete core tempering: shopping and working in a pleasant atmosphere

Modular design even on challenging construction sites

At 1.2 km in length, Königstrasse in Stuttgart is the “longest pedestrian shopping street in Europe”. It gained another striking, modern building in 2008: the Phönixbau (Phoenix building). The stores inside the building open onto Königstrasse, while the offices offer a view of the popular shopping street, but open onto Marstallstrasse.

Our solutions
Over 5,000 m² of concrete core tempering guarantees a pleasant indoor climate in this prestigious building. As there were no storage facilities on site and delivery was made difficult by the pedestrian zone, the planners decided to take advantage of our concrete core tempering modules, which were delivered just in time and quickly installed.

Good reasons to opt for concrete core tempering

  • Highly energy-efficient system
  • Low investment and operating costs
  • Quick and simple installation thanks to extremely robust materials

Concrete core tempering – the alternative heating and cooling system
The principle of concrete core tempering is based on the use of storage capacity in structural components. The building’s concrete mass is used to store heat, which facilitates heating and cooling operational cycles at a low, resource-saving temperature level. Refrigeration systems can be much more compact than conventional air conditioning units.

Benefits of the system

  • Transfer of energy incurs minimal losses while simultaneously achieving the best possible exchange rates
  • Can be combined most effectively with regenerative energy sources such as heat pumps or geothermal energy systems
SiteStuttgart, Germany
Completion date2008

Anton Ummenhofer, Stuttgart

Willwersch Architekten, Stuttgart

Construction projectNew development
Type of buildingCommercial and office building
UsageOffice, businesses
Products/SystemsConcrete core tempering
Key termsConcrete core activation, structural component activation