Sports center | Probstzella

Floor with elastic coating with REHAU dry system

Warming up for sports

Underfloor heating is fitted as standard when building a new sports center. The heat that radiates across the entire surface of the sports hall creates a pleasant indoor climate and eliminates the risk of injury caused by radiators that would otherwise be positioned along the walls. Athletes focusing on floor exercises and gymnastics benefit from the advantages of underfloor heating in particular, as the system offers made-to-measure heating with virtually no dust deposits.

Our solutions
The planners were impressed by the effective combination of RAUTHERM S pipes and compression sleeve connection technology with the dry system designed for use with floors with an elastic coating.

Good reasons to opt for our undersoil heating solution

  • Low construction height
  • Low weight, which makes the system ideal for projects involving the renovation of historical buildings.
  • Optimum heat distribution
SiteProbstzella, Deutschland
Completion date2010
Construction projectSporthalle
SchlüsselbegriffeFlächenheizung/ -kühlung