Triteks Production Hall - Prilep, Macedonia

Triteks produces high-quality underwear for men, women and children. Founded in 1994 as a small family business, Triteks Trejd today employs over 300 people. In the new construction of the production hall and offices the following REHAU products were used: industrial panel heating with 15,000 m RAUTHERM S 20, floor heating system Varionova 11 in the offices with 3,000 m RAUTHERM S 17, 80 panels of ceiling cooling in the offices, NEA smart regulation, sound-absorbing waste water system RAUPIANO Plus, RAUTITAN flex for the drinking water installation, industrial pipe system RAUPEX for compressed air, 200 m pre-insulated pipes INSULPEX duo.

SitePrilep, Macedonia
Completion date2017