Medical center | Mayen

Quiet at a pleasant temperature – the right environment for patients

We provide outstanding acoustics and a hygienic drinking water supply

A new medical center was built over the course of 1.5 years in Mayen, a town in the Rhineland-Palatinate. As well as serving as a practice for oncology, patients from St. Elisabeth hospital are housed there. An atmosphere of quiet and thermal comfort helps the patients to recover.

Our solutions: A pleasant indoor climate and optimum acoustics
The 180 m² space was fitted with our acoustic ceiling with integrated cooling system for a pleasant indoor climate and optimum acoustics. Inactive ceiling elements that match the appearance of the active elements were installed on the peripheries in order to integrate the components for ventilation, acoustics and lighting.

RAUTITAN: For uncompromising hygiene in the drinking water network
To ensure the high hygiene standards of the health care sector were met with regard to drinking water, too, the project planners also opted to install our RAUTITAN drinking water system.

Good reasons to opt for REHAU
Our acoustic ceiling with integrated cooling system provides the following:

  • Optimum indoor climate with no drafts or operating noise
  • Available in four different sizes, the active surfaces can be adapted to dimensions of the room.
  • Long-term reduction in energy and operating costs
    Our RAUTITAN drinking water system provides the following:
  • Protection against microbial contamination thanks to intelligent pipeline routing
  • 100% flow rate thanks to flow-optimized fittings
SiteMayen, Deutschland
Completion date2012
Building contractor

Gemeinschaftsklinikum Kemperhof


St. Elisabeth Krankenhaus Koblenz GmbH

ArchitectNaujack Rumpenhorst GmbH
Construction projectNew development
Type of buildingCommercial and office building
UsageMedical practices

Acoustic ceilings with integrated cooling system 

RAUTITAN: For water and heat 

Key termsPassive cooling