Traction power supply

The perfect third rail for underground and suburban railway lines

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Our systems for ensuring a safe and secure traction power supply

When it comes to providing electric power via a third rail, investors and planners have put their trust in our products for more than 40 years. The products are characterized by excellent resilience and durability, even under harsh climatic conditions such as tunnels or outdoor areas.

Customer-specific solutions

Every rail project has its special set of circumstances, which is why we develop customer-specific solutions alongside our modular system for use with third rails. For example, we have developed individual systems for underground and suburban railway networks in Berlin, Cairo, Munich, Vienna, Hamburg, Helsinki, Warsaw and Istanbul.

Convincing quality

Strict quality controls according to DIN EN ISO 9001 – for everything from incoming materials to outgoing goods – guarantee the quality of our products and adherence to stipulated material and component properties. If required, we can create 3D designs and FEM calculations and implement project-specific upgrades and enhancements.