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REHAU Automotive Division repositions itself

Restructuring in administration and production


REHAU is launching a new organizational structure in the Automotive division that is focused more on customer needs. It entails flatter hierarchies, shorter coordination paths and agile working methods. These changes will mean REHAU is able to adapt to increasingly shorter innovation cycles in the automotive industry. At the same time, the division will adjust production capacities worldwide at short notice as a result of the massive slump in sales caused by the Corona pandemic. In total, the division will cut around 960 jobs.

"With the new business unit structure of the Automotive Division, we will be operating closer to the customer and implementing new developments more quickly. We are laying the foundation for sustainable growth and are concentrating on innovation and high-quality products - exactly what REHAU is essentially known for. We are thus better positioned to be a forward-thinking partner for our cus-tomers," says Markus Distelhoff, CEO of the REHAU Automotive division. In the future, customer projects will be under central responsibility, while at the same time research and series development will be even more closely interlinked. REHAU will consistently take advantage of the opportunities offered by digitalization and significantly accelerate its innovation cycles with more flexible and agile working methods.

"The market environment and the corona effects are presenting REHAU with major challenges in the automotive sector. However, we have a clear plan that we will bring to fruition with determination. We will put our largest division on a much more profitable footing. And thus create more room for growth and investment in our future," says William Christensen, CEO of the REHAU Group.

The company sees very good prospects here: REHAU Automotive intends to grow more strongly internationally with its customers. With its high level of expertise in lightweight construction, the division is well positioned for the major trends of electric vehicles and CO2 minimization. "We are thus not only optimally equipped for the change in the industry - we are actively shaping it ourselves," says Distelhoff. 

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Markus Distelhoff, CEO of the REHAU Automotive division

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William Christensen, CEO of the REHAU Group

The realignment is taking place against the background of structural and technological change in the automotive industry. In the midst of this challenging market environment, REHAU must also cushion the consequences of the corona pandemic. This has led to a massive drop in sales in the automotive industry worldwide. There are currently no signs of a rapid global economic recovery. 

REHAU Automotive will therefore cut a total of 960 jobs by mid 2022. Of these, around 260 will be in the administrative area and around 700 in the manufacturing area. 

"The use of short-time working has been largely utilized. We are currently not filling any vacancies and are already using natural fluctuation to reduce capacities. Where these measures  are not sufficient, we will unfortunately have to make redundancies. We are aware of the painful impact this has on our entire organization. We will quickly provide clarity and work on finding good and fair solutions for all colleagues affected," emphasises Distelhoff.  

"With these measures, we are positioning ourselves for a sustainable future," says REHAU CEO Christensen. "For us as a family business, acting responsibly means we also take difficult steps when we secure jobs in the long term. With our reorganization, we are convinced to be on the right track for a successful future.”

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