Over 35 years.


1 billion secure compression sleeve.

REHAU compression sleeve: one billion connections worldwide


There is reason to celebrate at REHAU: the polymer manufacturer has sold its billionth REHAU compression sleeve. For over 35 years, the system has been used to connect pipes safely all over the world. 

REHAU compression sleeve technology is known for its timeless quality and has to date been used to connect pipes in over 60 countries. This proven jointing technique is used in various REHAU products and impresses with its uncompromising density, safe installation and durability.

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Tradition, quality and vision

REHAU presented the compression sleeve technology for the first time at a trade fair in 1987 and it was, back then, a real quantum leap in jointing techniques. Since then, the product has represented a real additional benefit for generations of skilled craftsmen.

The principle of the compression sleeve technology has remained the same over the years: the jointing technique creates a permanently tight connection with pipe, fitting and compression sleeve – without dead space and without additional O-rings or other sealants. The pipe itself is the sealing compound, and the installation is immediately able to handle pressure loads. And even before pressure testing, a simple visual inspection is enough to verify a proper connection.

BAU-D1048_CL - 1079994

The compression sleeve in REHAU systems is always a reliable and robust solution, whether in underfloor heating systems (RAUTHERM), distribution in district heating networks (RAUTHERMEX), as an industrial pipe system (RAUPEX) and also in domestic installations for drinking water and radiators (RAUTITAN). Maintaining the quality of drinking water, our most basic means of survival, is key to this. With the RAUTITAN domestic installation system as a universal solution for drinking water installation and radiator connection, our customers are perfectly prepared for almost all eventualities. This is ensured by the universal system, consisting of pipes, fittings and compression sleeves, as well as by the tool programme RAUTOOL. The polymer compression sleeves PX are considered the heart of the RAUTITAN system and are the best-selling REHAU compression sleeves.


The compression sleeve is very important, both to REHAU and to its customers. As a connecting piece, the compression sleeve is what makes the function of the pipe systems even possible and is largely responsible for quality. The compression sleeve is therefore improved continuously to make sure it will keep on connecting securely for the next 35 years.

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