A clear commitment to diversity


REHAU organizes international selfie campaign for 7th German Diversity Day

The REHAU Group and its approximately 20,000 employees all over the world participate in the nationwide Action Day and work together with hundreds of German companies and institutions to promote diversity in the workplace.

On the 7th German Diversity Day, REHAU is committed to successful cooperation in our society and working environment, both nationally and internationally. Under the motto "Showing the flag for diversity", the nationwide action day will take place today, May 28th. The German Diversity Day is initiated by the Charta der Vielfalt e.V. association. The Charter aims to create a working environment free from prejudice. REHAU signed the German Diversity Charter in November 2018.

With a worldwide selfie campaign with employees from all continents, REHAU wants to set a clear sign for diversity and tolerance in the world of work. "With our campaign, we want to show that we value and promote diversity in our company," emphasizes Thorsten Schlueter, member of the Group Executive Board and signatory of the German Charter. "We clearly reject populists and intolerance. We see diversity as a great opportunity for our company and the entire business location. At the end of the day, we all benefit from a diverse society and a diverse range of supporters."

Diversity pays off for REHAU

"Diversity management is a cross-cutting issue for us and important for the future development of our company," emphasizes Andreas Jenne, Sustainability Officer of the REHAU Group. "The idea of an organizational culture in which diversity is naturally lived out leads to all employees being able to make the best possible use of their potential.

More and more companies and institutions are seeing these advantages: around 3,000 corporate groups, businesses, public institutions, associations and almost all 16 federal states have signed the "Charta der Viel-falt", the voluntary commitment to diversity management in Germany. Around 10.4 million employees benefit from this.

Over 2,000 campaigns expected nationwide

Numerous companies and institutions throughout Germany have been participating in the German Diversity Day since 2013. More than 2,000 campaigns are expected this year. Everyone can take part - from small and medium-sized enterprises to non-profit associations and large companies.

"In times in which diversity is called into question and as a result harms the economy, we must position ourselves together and show our colors for diversity. We are convinced that diverse teams bring better solutions and make every organization more successful. With this conviction, we want to become louder together," says Aletta Gräfin von Hardenberg, Managing Director of the Charta der Vielfalt e. V. association.

"With the campaigns for the German Diversity Day 2019, we are flying the flag for diversity and sending an important signal for a respectful and appreciative culture at the workplace and in society!

The German Diversity Day is sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (BMAS) as part of the "Integration through Qualification (IQ)" program.

Further information on the Charta der Vielfalt e.V. as well as on the 7th German Diversity Day can be found at: www.charta-der-vielfalt.de and www.deutscher-diversity-tag.de.