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And the winner is: REHAU Group!

REHAU is honoured with Global Brands Magazine Award.


Each year, Global Brands Magazine (GBM) presents a series of awards to companies that have distinguished themselves in the industry through exceptional service and unique vision: The Global Brands Magazine Awards. 

This year, the REHAU Group was also among the nominees for the 9th edition of the awards and was able to secure the award for "Leading Polymer Manufacturing and Applications Brand - Global".

In competing for the award, the REHAU Group was selected from a pool of strong applicants, all of whom have demonstrated unique and exceptional service to the evolving manufacturing sectors.

Ultimately, it was the superior commitment to innovation, quality, branding activities, customer service and performance, as well as the delivery of a robust manufacturing system on a global scale, that helped us win.

As a title winner, the REHAU Group is now listed on the Global Brand Magazine (GBM) website and shines under the category "Manufacturing Awards" alongside other well-known brands such as Daimler, Infineon, Tesla and the Samsung Group.  

For us, the title is not only a confirmation of our achievements to date, but also serves as an incentive for innovative ideas and projects with which we will continue to create exceptional solutions for customers around the world in the future.


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