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RE.SOURCE: the tap that offers a whole lot more

A world of water possibilities direct from the tap: The RE.SOURCE smart drinking water dispenser from REHAU


With the mains-connected drinking water dispenser RE.SOURCE, polymer specialist REHAU delivers fresh, filtered tap water chilled, carbonated or boiling at the touch of a button. Direct from the tap and easy to control via a smart, innovative touchscreen display. REHAU uses convenient control elements and modern design combined with the highest quality of drinking water, at the same time meeting the highest safety and comfort requirements for private and commercial use.

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Drinking water is the most valuable commodity. Germans drink an average of 175 litres of water per person from plastic or glass bottles per year. Buying bottled water costs time and money – and the environmental impact of disposing of the empty bottles is huge. Moreover, being responsible about our drinking habits also means being aware that the production process for a 1.5 litre PET water bottle requires half of its contents: approximately 750 millilitres of water. With our RE.SOURCE drinking water dispenser, we are contributing to a reduction in the waste of disposable bottles, by allowing fresh, filtered water to be supplied directly from the tap.

RE.SOURCE is an under-table unit available in three configurations: BASIC, PREMIUM and PREMIUM+. The inbuilt activated carbon filter with pre-coat technology and a filter capacity of 5,000 litres removes microscopic particles up to 0.5 μm, as well as chlorine, organic substances and metallic deposits like lead and iron. The high-pressure C-shape or L-shape fitting, available in chrome and matt, dispenses filtered, hygienic water at different temperature levels. Carbon dioxide can be added to produce sparkling water, if desired. The cooler with its adjustable chilling temperature and a cooling capacity of 15 litres per hour is no louder than a standard refrigerator.


RE.SOURCE PREMIUM and RE.SOURCE PREMIUM+ offer extra features in addition to the options provided by the basic version. A clear, touchscreen display allows users to select whether they want their desired drink to be dispensed chilled or non-chilled from the tap. The filling quantity and level of carbonation can be individually adjusted. Users can save their personal favourite combinations, so they can be poured even faster. With its integrated stainless-steel boiler, RE.SOURCE PREMIUM+ also provides hot water up to 95 °C for tea and hot drinks. An inbuilt child safety lock guarantees the safety of the hot water function. This is deactivated by entering a code on the touchscreen. Changing colours on the display indicate heating progress. To prevent overheating, the appliance is fitted with a safety valve. Excess water is diverted into a drip tray.

With an integrated energy-saving mode and automatic hygienic rinsing, RE.SOURCE PREMIUM and RE.SOURCE PREMIUM+ offer users added convenience and safety. The required energy-saving and rinsing intervals can be defined using a web interface. If the appliance is not used for 72 hours, a message appears automatically on the screen and a hygiene rinse can be carried out to prevent germ formation at an early stage. Regular status updates indicate in good time if the filter needs changing or the appliance needs descaling.

Easily installed, individually adjusted

RE.SOURCE can be installed in just a few steps by attaching the high-pressure fitting and the under-table unit directly to the water pipe in the kitchen base unit. One ventilation hole in the underside is all that is needed to ensure optimum heat extraction. RE.SOURCE is designed for water pressure of between 1 and 6 bar; the recommended water pressure is 2.5 bar. This can be individually adjusted using a water pressure reducer from the REHAU product portfolio. Neither softened water nor a pre-installed hot water connection is required in order to use RE.SOURCE.

Reliable cleaning and replacement

RE.SOURCE’s individual components are easy to clean and replace. If the carbon dioxide has been used up, commercially-available 425 g CO2 cylinders can be installed in the under-table unit. It is also possible to attach 2 kg, 6 kg or 10 kg CO2 canisters via an external connection using a gas pressure reducer available separately. This makes RE.SOURCE particularly suitable for use in commercial settings. Cleaning and descaling are equally straightforward: the pipes are cleaned with a cleaning cartridge filled with detergent. This can be obtained either directly from REHAU or from third-party suppliers on the Internet. Maintenance should be carried out twice a year in commercial settings and once a year in private homes.


The RE.SOURCE mains-connected drinking water dispenser is available from specialist retailers in three versions: BASIS, PREMIUM and PREMIUM+, enhancing REHAU’s range of solutions for the supply of safe and hygienic drinking water. Interested parties can find more information at

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